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JT: I have a couple of questions more about earthly matters that are causing a lot of insecurity and fear in people. One of them is the effect of the 5G antennas and the second one is the forced vaccination.

MG: That’s part of the fear, the outer fear that is still seen but has already been taken care of. That’s the feeling, the reminder fear, that is still attached like a cord to the past but it’s not relevant anymore.

JT: That’s an excellent message. So that allows us to focus more on reinventing a better humanity.

MG: Yes, and what is important now is not to try and focus too much on the future but for everyone as much as possible to be in the present now and feel the changes that are taking place inside oneself because people can feel it, maybe they cannot name it but they are feeling that something is changing and the mind is struggling and trying to explain it but it cannot explain it because it is still based on old beliefs. So it’s like you are using the wrong tool for the work, you cannot use the mind for that. It’s really about connecting on an emotional level.

JT: I understand these messages are very clear for people who vibrate more or less on the same level as Melanie who have been on a spiritual path for a long time. How can we share this understanding, this teaching with the rest of the world especially those who are terrorized by what is happening in the world, who are losing their mind or losing everything they knew? Many are committing suicide, many might commit suicide if they don’t find the security they had before.

MG: That’s exactly happening from the mind perspective because the mind cannot go through this process and that’s the difficulty for many human beings now because they are still so much in the mind, they try to use the mind to understand something where the mind cannot take them. The only thing that the mind could do now is to create even more confusion putting in even more doubt, even more fear, because the mind as it is still set up now is still based on the old world and that’s not working now. What people, who are not so connected yet or not so awake yet, can do, is to try to focus day by day, take it very slowly and nurture themselves, do things that they like doing, take care of themselves and focus on what they think makes them happy.

JT: How can you tell this to a father who has children who are ill, who are hungry, a man who cannot pay his rent, who cannot pay for a doctor in a moment of emergency? How can you tell a person to connect to the source within or to do things that he likes? We will be seeing more and more people like this very soon. How can lightworkers be of help to these people?

MG: By embodying their light. You cannot tell this man anything because if you do that you go back down onto the mind level and from the mind level it won’t take you anywhere. What lightworkers can do now is to embody their light as much as possible and really start being those light pillars on earth to raise the frequency and if those other people see how come that they are so calm, that they seem so serene, people will start wondering if something else can be done and if they can do things differently. If people try to do things the old way like solving problems in the old way, this will lead them nowhere. It will make the process even more difficult.

JT: Perfect. What’s the role of the dragon energies that we see more and more here around the world?

MG: It’s twofold. It’s the destruction of the old or the unnatural parts, the artificial parts that are being taken off and it’s also a creator energy. Dragons have both these energies very strongly in them. They are also protectors so that nothing or nobody can mess up the process, like guardians.

JT: How come we didn’t hear a lot about dragon energies in the 90s or 80s? How come it’s coming out right now?

MG: It was suppressed together with the female energy. The dragon energy is very connected to female energy and because this energy is activating now, the connection to dragons is waking up again as well.

JT: So the dragon and the female energy are coming back?

MG: Yes.

JT: What would you tell religious leaders during these times?

MG: It’s very difficult for them to listen, but to stop preaching religion and to try to connect to Source from their heart not from their mind or some set of beliefs. Beliefs won’t help anyone anymore. It’s really the openness, the connection through the heart and the openness to other and new information.

JT: Does this mean that we need to expect the reinvention of new religions?

MG: Oh yes.

JT: Is there any religion right now on the face of the planet that would be close enough to what we expect for the future of our humanity?

MG: All religions have that if you go to the basic messages of the religions but it’s the institutions that messed the whole message up if you like.

JT: I feel the energy of Marie Magdalene probably related to the female energy that we have been discussing right now. She has been very present in these past years. These past 25 years a lot has been written about her. What was her role in the life of Jesus?

MG: They represented what a twin union can do but the only part that humanity was open to at that time was male energy. So they could relate to Jesus but they couldn’t relate to Marie Magdalene anymore.

JT: Is this twin energy coming back now?

MG: Many people are focused on finding their twin flame or their partner or something. What people need to understand is that it can be an outer reflection with a physical partner but the important thing now is the union inside of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies.

JT: In each one of us, so find the twin inside each one of us?

MG: Yes because it is not necessary for somebody else to complement. There is nothing to complement in yourself you are already whole.

JT: Beautiful and complete, a very powerful message.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 15 April 2020

Gratitude to unknown photo artist

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