About me


My name is Melanie Gilbert and my mission is to fully embody and
ground the frequency and power of love and unity consciousness on Earth.
I am here to be a channel and guide on people’s path to unity consciousness
by helping them connect to the the portal of their higher heart.

A few background details about events, roles, labels, and simply experiences
that have shaped me and supported my development on my spiritual journey:

🌟 MS Psychology (Summa Cum Laude)

🌟 Advanced Zen teacher training

🌟 Spiritual healer (Energy, Aura, Crystal, Colour, Reiki)

🌟 Ayurvedic therapist (Massage, Diet, and Nutrition)

🌟 Massage therapist (different types of Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage, Lomi Lomi massage)

🌟 Meditation and yoga practitioner for 20 years

🌟 English teacher

🌟 Channel

🌟 Ascension guide

🌟 Spiritual teacher

🌟 Transmuter of consciousness

🌟 Empath

🌟 Spiritual archetype: the Mystic

🌟 INFJ (Myers Briggs Personality Type)

🌟 Wife and mother

🌟 Fluent in English, German and French

🌟 Born in Austria on 02.12.1981 to a French mother and Croatian father and lived in England, India, Ukraine, and now Switzerland

🌟 The early death of my mother at the age of 8 and a psychologically and physically challenging childhood, propelled my search for the meaning of life at a very young age, which led to my spiritual awakening at the age of 22 (you can read about that experience here: https://blue-light-channelling.com/on-being-one-my-first-experience-of-oneness/)

🌟 Love is my motivation and truth is my intention





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