Atlantis Part I – Merkabah temple, activating light pillars


MG: I have a white rob; I am a sort of priestess. The energy feels very similar to what is happening on Earth right now. The love frequency is very similar and the 3D frequency is somehow inverted with Earth right now. It’s just before the big changes are happening on Atlantis.

I am in a big atrium, there are pillars everywhere but it’s not a closed building, it’s open like a temple structure. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it’s a beautiful day.

I’m not sure in what time I see it because it’s looking a little bit like ruins but the energy is very strong here and the pillars are set up in a circle – a little bit like Stonehenge but the stones are very sophisticated.

I am trying to look at the pillars. It’s like I can feel the energy but something is inactive or dead. It doesn’t feel dead but somehow the pillars are not what they can be. They feel like they are dried out somehow. When I try to connect with the energy of what was before, I get this blue turquoise light again and light codes.

JT: Are there other people there?

MG: I don’t feel other people.

JT:  So you are all alone over there?

MG: Yes.

JT: Tell me about your emotions, your sensations.

MG: I feel like I am supposed to do something with the pillars. When I connect with them, I get the feeling that it’s time they are re-activated. It’s like the stone around it feels more like algae in the water over many, many years’ time, thousands of years, I don’t know how long. They were layers and layers put on them and now I feel that these layers are ripping and light can go through it again. I’m now in the middle of this temple, these ruins and it feels like I am levitating while I am connecting with the pillars.

JT: This temple like place, is it big?

MG: It doesn’t feel so big. It feels like when I am here in the middle, I need to do maybe 10 steps or something to be at every pillar. Now I get the number 12.

JT: Are you seeing the number 12?

MG:I feel like there are 12 pillars.

JT: Is it the number of the pillars then?

MG: Yes, but it’s more than that. It also feels like a soul group connection, like a number of people to connect with.

JT: Why do you think you need to connect to this number of people? Is it related to the activation of the pillars?

MG: I don’t get it yet but yes it’s connected with the activation.

JT: Look around you, behind you, in front of you and tell me if there is anything else you notice that is of importance.

MG: The pillars are sentient and they are connected with people, people that are not activated yet.

JT: According to you what does this activation do to people?

MG: When I see me now levitating in the middle and the 12 pillars around me, a very powerful beam is coming from the 12 pillars and from me in the middle and then they join in the sky. It’s a very powerful beam that goes out into the universe. It feels like an information highway.

JT: Stay in this position where you are in the middle of these 12 pillars and you are noticing the beam. Tell me what is happening.

MG: The earth is shaking. It’s ripping and it’s opening up underneath and the energy is increasing and increasing and I feel dizzy from it. It’s like the energy is too much for us to hold.

JT: What else is happening?

MG: The floor is breaking up and it’s all blue underneath.

JT: What’s the blue?

MG: Uncovered energy. It feels like a, the closest word I have is fog, like a layer of energy underneath, inside the earth and with this it can come out again.

JT:  Is this energy that is breaking everything apart, is it coming from below?

MG: Yes.

JT: And what is happening to you?

MG: I am in the middle and it is so intense. I am in the middle between the inner earth and the universe connecting it.

JT: Continue, just stay there, it will be alright, just allow yourself to go deeper.

MG: (breathing heavily) I am a connection. It is through me that these energies can connect together. It feels like two pyramids now, one is inverted and one is below standing normally and I am in the middle and I open the channel for this information highway to be able to pass.

JT: Are you still in your physical body there?

MG: It’s not very physical. Yes, it’s a body but it’s not flesh.

JT: Bring your focus to the ground and tell me what you are sensing.

MG: It’s luminous and light.

JT: Does that meant that the shaking has stopped?

MT: Yes, the rips are open everywhere and it’s through the rips that the light can come out again from underneath the earth. It’s this beautiful blueish turquoise light but it also has a lot of texture like somehow you can touch it and feel it. It’s like water, but it has the element of air mixed in it somehow and it goes up in waves and the upper light now also touches it. It’s the same light but it’s been disconnected.

JT: So you are like the connecting point in between?

MG: Yes.

JT: How does it feel doing this?

MG: It’s beautiful because it’s my element but it’s very intense and the mind has troubles to follow it. It’s a complete feeling thing. This energy permeates everything and you can still manipulate it but not from your will but from being connected with it. You can also communicate with it.

JT: Shall we try to communicate with it then? May I communicate with this energy?

To be continued…

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 15 April 2020

Gratitude to unknown photo artist


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