Atlantis Part II – Blue Energy


JT: I’d like to speak to this energy that the priestess has been communicating with these past minutes. What is the first message that you would like to give us, to the collective, to humanity?

MG: Love.

JT: Love.

MG: The basic structure of everything, it’s so fluid it can’t be stopped, it can go into every crack, every little space there is and it can now fill it.

JT: Is this what is happening right now on our planet?

MG: Yes.

JT: And we can’t stop it?

MG: No.

JT: It just comes out and it’s flowing, like liquid, it goes everywhere.

MG: From the deconstruction of the old, space is now freed up and this free space can finally be filled with love.

JT: Are you trying to tell us that we have a lot in common with Atlantis?

MG: It’s a chance to clarify Atlantis as well. There are so many things connected now, so many timelines converging and so many things loosening up. It’s not only Earth that is affected, it’s the entire universe.

JT: If you could give a message to humankind, especially those who are scared in these times, what would you tell them?

MG: Fear only separates from Source and it is natural for humans to feel fear but humans are also changing now and loosening these layers of fear.

JT: This energy of the inner Earth that has been mentioned a few minutes ago, what should we know about it that we ignore?

MG: Not to feel ambitious, not to connect pride with it, that’s the chance to clear the timeline of Atlantis. Really connect with Source, put Source and Oneness at the forefront of every decision not individual souls.

JT: So it’s a collective.

MG: Yes.

JT: Is there anything else we should know about these changing times, the shifting of the old paradigms?

MG: Everything is playing out just perfectly and there are so many layers to it but it is still difficult for the human mind to understand it. It feels like when the mind is connected to love and to beingness and oneness, it can open up to it more and understand it.

JT: I understand this but how can we share this with those who are leading the world into a deep downfall?

MG: What you can imagine is that all key players are being activated. Everyone is activated at the right time, at the right place, at the right moment and it’s a very intricate structure that is so difficult for the mind to understand because it has to do with many different timelines, different dimensions, and different realities and just for a human mind to try to imagine that is already too much. That’s why it’s important not to go into the mind but into the heart, to feel it.

JT: Is this the new reality we are expecting?

MG: Yes.

JT: To nurture the heart?

MG: Yes, the heart really is the portal.

JT: When did we get lost?

MG: (smiling) We never got lost, we only forgot.

JT: We got distracted, is this what you are trying to say?

MG: Yes, but this was also part of the plan. It’s part of the experience of souls in so many different aspects and it is so fascinating to see what happens to a soul when it doesn’t remember that it’s Source anymore and that is what we have been living for so long. But now it is time to go back to Oneness.

JT: How can we go back to Oneness when there are so many different voices, religions, belief systems, gods?

MG: All these belief systems and structures are falling apart and will continue to fall apart and what will block people the most is when they try to be in the mind to understand it. The mind can only take you to a certain point but then it’s your whole being that feels and understands and the mind cannot do it alone.

JT: So when these walls fall apart, millions of people will leave in uncertainties, their reality will be shattered, their whole lives will be shattered. Are they contributing to the change? Did they come here knowing that they would go through these changes?

MG: Yes, everyone knew it.

JT: So are we expecting many to leave this world?

MG: Also, but the leaving part is not relevant, it’s a human concern. If you like the picture from before about the floor ripping and opening up and letting the light through, you can imagine the same with human beings happening now. It’s like all these parts are ripping and opening up and there is still a lot of pain in there but through this opening up the light from within can shine. People still look for it outside of themselves but inside and outside is the same.

JT: Wonderful. I thank these energies for these beautiful, wise messages and all the attention that we received today.

To be continued…

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 15 April 2020

Gratitude to Paweł Czerwiński for the picture

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