Atlantis Part III – Facing darkness, collective civilization


JT: I would like us to go back to the temple right now. I want you to look at yourself, around you, in front of you and tell me if there is anything new you notice in this place, any changes, any transformation, anything that you haven’t seen before.

MG: The energies are changing now. I don’t see people but I feel people and I feel a higher frequency of the people.

JT: What about those pillars that you mentioned before?

MG: They are still here but now I can see them in two versions at the same time. I see the ruin version of it and I see the clear version when the dust and the old stone is taken off.

JT: Tell me about the new version, how does it look?

MG: There are beautiful long pillars that are about 7 meters high and they have light codes.

JT: Tell me more about these light codes.

MG: It’s exactly the same mechanism we saw last time together ( When you see them, you feel them and you create a connection between your essence and the pillar’s essence and this merging then creates the emanation of the light code.

JT: How can we use these light codes in our present situation?

MG: Connect with them to remember but that’s the change now compared to Atlantis. It has less of a personal, manipulative frequency to it in order to avoid the catastrophe again so that people don’t confuse the energy with thinking it’s their own energy.

JT: Tell me more about this.

MG: We are creators, all of us, and we are co-creating everything together but there needs to be made a difference. It doesn’t feel so much like ego, it still has a little taste of it but soon ego will disappear completely. It’s a feeling of personal ambition like when people take it too individualized onto their energy it’s messing it up.

JT: Is this one of the most important things that will fall apart, personal ambition, egoistic ambition and we are going to go more into the collective?

MG: Absolutely, because this individualistic notion exists on the plane where humans still are now but this is already changing.

JT: Does it mean that for every decision that will be taken, the well-being of the collective will be considered from now on?

MG:  Yes, we are moving into a collective civilization.

JT: Are we there yet?

MG: Yes and no. The energies are already here but the old is still clearing itself and it feels like what we’re seeing now is the dust from something that has already happened. You can imagine the light travelling when you see a star in the sky. The light you are seeing is already much older than the moment you see it yourself. You can imagine it the same way. It has already happened but we are seeing it now. However this is difficult for the mind to grasp.

JT: So in other words, the Atlantean memory is very much waking up in these times.

MG: Yes.

JT: Is it resonating with most of humanity consciously or unconsciously?

MG: Yes, it’s not only Atlantis but it’s the chance to clear the karma from Atlantis to use the Ascension that was already planned in Atlantis which didn’t work.

JT: So this is like a continuation of what happened then and the chance to clear what we weren’t able to clear then?

MG: Yes.

JT: So that we can do the big leap of transformation?

MG: Yes, but this is the important thing to remember, the collective.

JT: In all of this can anything go wrong?

MG: (pauses) Thinking about all possible scenarios, no. It’s like it has already happened but we see a time difference between what we see and what has already happened. We are already there but it is still playing out. It’s very difficult to explain in words. We don’t really have words to explain that.

JT: What do you expect humanity to do? Lots of people are feeling these changes happening yet there are other darker forces that are preventing them from moving forward.

MG: The darker forces are not important anymore. It’s people facing their own darkness. It’s not the outer part. It’s, like I said, that part has already played out, all the politics and all of that. It’s like a movie that has already been played out but now we see it on the screen happening.

JT: If I am understanding well what you are trying to say is that the darker part is within each one of us and what we are seeing outside is just the part of a fear that was programming us?

MG: Not exactly, it’s two things. It’s the chance that people now have to face their own darkness, to embrace that. And by embracing that they come face to face to it and eventually see that darkness is not darkness, it’s just the fear about the darkness. Once they are able to embrace their darkness, they are then able to transmute it. That’s on a personal level. On the collective level what is happening now is that all the dark energies, the power of the dark energies is already gone but we are still seeing the play out like on a screen of a story that is already finished.

JT: It’s already finished, but humanity is still in that place where it doesn’t see the endpoint yet.
It’s very interesting that you are saying we come together to transmute that old energy and the coming together is very important. Is this why, the word that is being used right now is social distancing. Does it have any powerful effect on people to prevent them from coming together?

MG: It’s forcing them to face themselves and it’s very difficult for many, and many people are struggling now but they still need to hang in there because that’s a step that cannot be left out. People need to go through this even if it’s very painful but it’s their chance to finally embrace all different parts of themselves and realize that what they thought was darkness in them is not darkness at all. This is the work that people can do on an individual level right now and that’s why the circumstances are perfect for that and especially with their close ones they live with to face it together.

JT: So this social isolation is a kind of social healing that is taking place right now – individually and collectively?

MG: Yes, it’s like a forced reset that people finally instead of putting their antennas outwards start to focus their antennas inwards. That’s the whole purpose of it. And even if people are not consciously aware of it or feel fear or are sad – it’s already happening. Their body is changing, their mind is changing. All of them, everyone is changing; everyone is being activated right now.

JT: Does it mean that our life before will be obsolete? Reality as we know it will be obsolete?

MG: Yes, absolutely.

JT: It feels like recreating a new humanity.

MG: You can call it that. It’s like humans are evolving yet at the same time it’s not adding something there that wasn’t there before. It’s just opening the pathway to be able to connect to that again. So it feels like they are learning something new but they are actually remembering something that they already know.

JT: These energies within the earth and the energies around the earth, what is their interconnection? What is their connection to each other?

MG: They have different frequencies and by connecting together, they stabilize the surface of the earth for the progress to be swifter or calmer with as little turbulences as possible. It’s like the pitches are a bit different and when they connect they emit a third sound if you like.

JT: A lot of non-human intelligences or non-human intelligent vehicles have been seen these past months all around the planet. There are pictures and videos. What is happening?

MG: (smiling) It’s such an exciting time here on earth that the entire galaxy wants to see close up what is happening and support the process. There are some here as witnesses and observers and there are others who are here to help the activation process depending on their, if you would like to call it, karmic connection to earth.

JT: In other words we are all here for these times.

MG: Oh, yes.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 15 April 2020

Gratitude to Neiron Photo for the picture

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