The Ascension Process: the crumbling of the tower, navigating the transition – Part II


JT: A lot of people who are waiting for this ascension to reach everyone can become impatient and lose their hope. What would you tell them? What advice would you give them?

MG: This is a beautiful lesson for them to trust, to learn trust all the way through without knowing the outcome without having anything to hold on to. That’s ultimate surrendering.

JT: I understand this perfectly, but I would like to ask you a question that was asked about the surrendering process. A lot of people who are in this awakening process, fear surrender, because they’re afraid that if they surrender totally completely, other forces, darker forces might take over. What can you tell them about their fear?

MG: Isn’t that a beautiful lesson about control and letting go of control? We have all the wisdom in us, we are completely connected. And when we can feel that, when we have an open heart and are surrendering, then our frequency is so high that nothing can interfere with that. So, if you like this is an understandable fear, coming from the position of not surrendering. But once surrendering has happened, this is not a question anymore.

JT: What would you suggest a person should do to learn to surrender effortlessly? And to find himself maybe once a day, in this beautiful state of connection with spirit? Are there practices, are there any tools that a normal everyday person in their everyday reality would or should do to have this beautiful connection that we’re experiencing here right now?

MG: There are many beautiful practices that have been available on Earth for 1000s of years. But it’s for everyone to find what resonates with their beingness, what gives them the most comfortable feeling. And like you said, it’s very relevant to do that on a daily basis. 

For one person it can be to sit calmly and watch the sun rise. For another person, it can be the smell of a flower, it can be the sound of children laughing, it can be a yoga practice, it can be anything, it can even be an argument with somebody. Every situation has the seed in it, the potential to bring the people back to that, but it’s the job of people to find out what helps them stay present or come back to presence, which is ultimately our nature. The rest are all layers put on that.

So, there are many beneficial practices. But ultimately, the point is to bring the awareness to the present moment. And then all the layers drop away by themselves. Because if you are in the present moment, fully, completely, there is no future, there is no past. So, there is no layer to be put on anything, because the present moment is just this, here and now.

JT: I have a question from a mother. This is a general question that many parents come up with. Nowadays with these changing times we’re experiencing, parents are feeling helpless and powerless. They feel they cannot protect their children in any way, they are losing their right to decide for them, to choose for them, to guide them. What is the lesson they need to learn from this? What would you tell these parents with younger children?

MG: The more attached we are to something, the more emotionally charged the relationship or the situation is, if you like. So, for parents being attached to their children, is creating very strong bonds. But ultimately, we cannot protect our children. We are here to guide our children. And the lesson here is actually to surrender to our powerlessness, to really feel our ultimate powerlessness, that we cannot control the life of anyone, not ours, and not even our children’s. And the moment where people really feel that powerlessness, feel into it, all aspects of it, and then are able to surrender into that, this is where they discover their power.

JT: Beautiful. As we’re heading to the end of our session, I will let you share with us your last message about what we need to know, how we can move forward through these unprecedented difficult times. What’s the last message you would give to people, to humanity to cope with these changing times?

MG: Every emotion that we have, that we like to term as negative isn’t that at all. Every emotion that we have is showing us something. And usually when we term something as negative, you have the opposite part of turning something as positive. And the key here is to feel both aspects and then to let go of them again, because these two aspects make the whole together.

Humans like to tend to focus on experiences that give them pleasure. And these are beautiful experiences to have. It’s a beautiful confirmation for people. But it’s really the difficult experiences that we like to term negative or that we try to avoid, these are the gems. This is where the transformation takes place! These are the most beautiful lessons to learn!

So, our advice here would be for people to try to let go of the concept of positive and negative, good and bad. It’s two aspects of the same things. And to work with all these aspects in themselves. When they feel something uncomfortable about themselves, an aspect that they might not like or deem horrible and don’t even dare think about it. This is the treasure there, to go into that, to feel that. Because wherever we shed light on, darkness disappears. So by simply doing that, we become more and more aware of who and what we are. And this is increasing our power, our frequency and also enabling us to move through this phase, swifter and with more ease.

And like we always say, people don’t need to worry about anything. Everything is really being taken care of. Focus on yourself, focus on your wellbeing. Take time for yourself to feel love for yourself. And when you are filled with love, share it with others to help them as well.

JT: Thank you for these beautiful words that you’ve shared with us today again, thank you.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈


Channelled on 2 March 2021

Gratitude to unknown photo artist for the picture 🙏


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