Cosmic Dance of Energies and how they currently manifest on earth


JT: I would like to ask questions about the pandemic situation, COVID-19. How dangerous is it?

MG: It’s not dangerous.

JT: Will it disappear?

MG: Yes.

JT: Did it already disappear?

MG: The way it was planned never turned out to be. So already the starting situation was different from what some forces had planned it to be. So this reality if you like, this timeline didn’t take place but the official narrative is still working with that timeline, presenting a timeline that doesn’t exist anymore.

JT: Why does this COVID narrative come with a prevention to breathe? Why are they removing our birth right to breathe?

MG: These are the last attempts to force people into submission but none of these plans will work out.

JT: They won’t work out.

MG: They are just playing themselves out in the outer reality right now. But on an energetic level, that’s all been taken care of already. But the energy still needs to manifest if you like and that’s what we’re seeing outside right now in our reality.

JT: May I ask other questions that are of collective concern? How dangerous are the 5G electromagnetic waves on the human physical body?

MG: That has also changed, a lot has changed. This is all part of a timeline that we are not on anymore. This timeline has collapsed.

JT: So when you say the timeline has collapsed, all discussions about AI artificial tools that are being used for humans, 5G, vaccinations, all these fears, this timeline that we think we’re experiencing right now has already collapsed.

MG: Yes. Now we are seeing like a shadow of it if you like but it’s not the reality, the timeline we are moving on.

JT: In my personal work, I noticed a lot of trapped souls that still need to be accompanied to the light. I also notice a lot of assistance coming from other dimensions to free these trapped souls. Were these trapped souls intentionally trapped by other energies here on the planet to stop their evolution?

MG: Yes, but at the same time the trapped souls always have the power to change that because no entity, never mind its power, can influence the free will of others.

JT: I noticed that that they’re transitioning with more ease and in masses.

MG: Yes.

JT: And it’s very different from what was happening a few years ago. I’m noticing that there is a lot of assistance during this transition phase. And I was wondering if the rate of vibration, planetary rays of vibration, is contributing to this as well?

MG: Absolutely. It’s an interplay from all of that, the frequency of the earth that is changing, it’s the timed frequency of the people who are being activated that is changing as well. You can see it like a cosmic dance of energies and everything is leveling up now.

JT: I understand we are in communion with our Mother Earth Gaia, and we’re an extension of it, if you want. And I noticed that the planet is experiencing the same struggles. Are they perceived by the planet as struggles or as a positive rebirth like experience or process?

MG: It depends from which perspective you see it.

JT: From the perspective of the planet.

MG: The planet, mother Gaia, knows what’s happening she has been preparing for it. There is no struggle for her but she also needs to purify all those energies, the dense energies, the low energies and she’s finding ways to do that.

JT: What were all those fires about these past months? They were a lot of fires everywhere on the planet.

MG: I’m getting the image of a Phoenix. It’s like the burning down of the old, all dense energies, everything needs to be cleared and that’s a way to do that.

JT: So the floods and the burnings are the process of the cleaning and clearing of the old energy.

MG: Absolutely.

JT: What can you tell humans, the collective who are seeking simple things like light, peace, balance, joy, mastery. Will they find this at the end of their journey?

MG: Yes, oh yes! Everyone will. It’s like the ending of those times and it’s the most difficult because everything feels like in a pressure cooker, everything is amplified. But this is for the clearing to take place.

JT: You brought the pressure cooker example, which made me smile. I saw it like a big truck, driving down a mountain without breaks. Will the pressure cooker explode?

MG: For some people, it might feel like that, but it’s a transmutation of energy. Energy is always energy, it’s the way it’s been used if you like. For some people, it can feel like an explosion, like everything is falling apart and from their perspective, it’s exactly that. But it’s a transmutation of energy on a global level, if you like the whole collective is doing that right now. And everyone can experience it differently depending on how open and how able they are to surrender to the now moment.

JT: Beautiful, you really summarized the whole session with this: transmutation of energy and it depends on how every individual sees it.

MG: Absolutely.

JT: Do you have any last comments that you would like to give, any last words to humanity, to the planet during this these difficult times? I let you speak.

MG: There is so much love and everybody is love. We are moving into the times where love will be possible again, unconditional love, not love created out of a fear of separation. People don’t need to worry about anything regarding their future. We know it’s difficult for them to understand that because they might say: yes, but what about this? What about that? But these are again questions coming from the mind. Everything is playing out perfectly and the future is so beautiful that is coming for all of us (crying). People just need to hold on a little while longer. And as honestly as they can work on their shadows, work on their issues. And surrender, being in the heart space and in the now moment helps them. These are the moments of clarity for them. They might not yet happen often but they will happen more often and more often until it’s stabilized and their new nature.

JT: Thank you. Thank you for this last feedback that you gave us. I thank you for all the wisdom that you shared with us today. I thank the guides and higher aspects of Melanie who are there with us. I thank my guides as well, my higher self and all the assistance, we received today and all the answers we received to our questions. I thank you and greet you with love. Goodbye

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 21 October 2020

Gratitude to unknown photo artist 🙏 




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