Message to lightworkers, global change, Earth in 25 years


JT:  Is there any other relevant message that we need to hear right now?

MG: I’m getting that the tables are turning, everything is turning and it feels like a circle is coming to its completion. There will be many new ways of doing things that will come out soon and this is the activation that is happening in all the people whose purpose it is to bring those new things into the world and the more they connect with their beingness, the more they will be able to do that without interference to live their purpose or their mission. Many lightworkers are feeling to jump in now because they see that things are already changing but if a lightworker is being called to be activated it’s coming from inside and they will then know when they are supposed to be doing something. Many lightworkers are now jumping into, it feels a bit like a revolution wagon or something like that, but this is also not really helping them because that creates separation inside of themselves and the lightworkers need to be the pillars right now, they need to be as whole and connected as they can.

JT: So they need to remind themselves every day why they are doing this.

MG: Yes. And not to get into a game of thinking it’s a war between light and dark. It’s all the same, it’s all energy. It’s just a different aspect of it but if they focus too much on thinking that they are light and they are fighting the darkness, this then creates separation in themselves.

JT: And they weaken?

MG: Yes, even if they have the best of intention to try to wake up all of humanity.

JT: They just need to wake up themselves and become pillars of light themselves.

MG: Yes, it’s like if one has completed their, if you like, internal ascension process and is completely reconnected and activated then they can create so powerfully but if they jump into trying to do things now, it’s like they are working on half flame. This then might also mix their energies with things that they do not need to mix and thus make the process longer than it needs to be.

JT: I’m sensing that these light codes are within us and our focus has to be on those light codes activations within to become those pillars of light that we had lost.

MG: Yes, absolutely.

JT: So a message to lightworkers would be to remember that you are a pillar of light and just stand there and get activated and everything will fall into place.

MG: Yes, and embody the light as much as possible.

JT: Excellent. So a lot will be changing, the medical system is going to change as well. Does it mean that we will be able to use new ways or older ways of healing?

MG: Old and new would be the same here. It’s in other ways that we are using right now. All of this is going to open up on the technological front, the scientific front, the political front – everything is changing and it’s understandable that as humans, people already want to have their plan in mind for the next step to create a new humanity but you don’t go in there with a plan. The plan is already there, you are playing out your role. You don’t need to come up with a new plan. Some people will try to do exactly that but this is not going to be necessary. When people are activated and are completely connected with their whole being, they will do their job anyway and it will bring it out even more perfectly.

JT: I noticed that these past weeks no geoengineering has been taking place in our skies and we have been privileged to have beautiful blue skies and enjoying the sun’s energy. How important is connecting to the sun?

MG: Very important and that’s what’s so beautiful right now because the world has come a little bit to a standstill so that the energies are not so mixed up anymore and people can connect to the sun, to nature, to everything much easier than still a few months ago.

JT: How will our planet look like in 25 years?

MG: I can feel it, I can connect to it but it’s like a veil is being put on it.

JT: In other words you are not allowed to see it.

MG: Yes. It feels like this is to not spoil the development, not to interfere with the development, to make sure it is as natural and as organic as possible. That’s what’s happening right now here.

JT: What do you sense?

MG: There is no comparison to now.

JT: Ok, I understand, so it’s completely transformed.

MG: Yes.

JT: So when our children will be adults in their 50s or 60s they will live in a completely transformed reality?

MG: Yes, they are going to be the ones who build the new reality. We are the generation that is introducing this new reality, making it possible with our energies, increasing the frequency, and setting the stage for everything to happen and our children are creating the new reality.

JT: Beautiful.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 15 April 2020

Gratitude to unknown photo artist 🙏


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