MG: We are just above earth and there are so many ships.

JT: Are they ships or motherships?

MG: Both. Some of them are very big, like this one and it’s, I try to find a name for a colour but it’s difficult, it’s white inside but when you want to see the earth, it just becomes transparent below and you can see everything.

JT: Does it react to your wishes, your thoughts?

MG: Yes, and the others… It feels like it’s the only one with this energy, the others have other colours, other energies that are needed. It’s like some, I have the feeling now of a green one, that is responsible for redoing nature but mine is somehow consciousness itself.

We can also pour our light from here down onto earth and when it comes from my ship it is blue and white. It’s like light codes raining down onto earth and when it touches the earth it changes it.

JT:  Do these light codes feel alive?

MG: Yes, but it’s like their vibration is neutral and we activate them with our intention.

JT: And then you send them to specific places?

MG: Yes, wherever it’s needed but basically trying to cover earth with it.

JT:  Are you there now above earth?

MG: Yes.

JT: Are you one of the motherships that I saw a few weeks ago?

MG: Yes.

JT: So what is your activity right now?

MG: We are overwriting the old programs with these codes. It’s like the old programs are, it’s not that they are wrong, they served their purpose, but they need to be overwritten, not so much overwritten, or yes, transformed, and with these light codes we transform it.

JT: Where specifically are you sending these light codes?

MG: It’s actually like a grid, I see the flower of life over the whole planet now and it’s just rain that goes down and once we add the intention, they then know what they are supposed to do. It’s like we give them the intention but they then do their work.

JT: It’s like a translation?

MG: Yes.

JT:  And they need to convert the vibration they are receiving from you?

MG:  Yes.

JT: Why are there so many ships above the earth?

MG: (crying) These are such exciting times. There is so much beauty coming.

JT: Tell me more about it. Humanity is seeing catastrophe with everything that is happening, the pandemics, nature, climate, the economy. What would you tell humanity about these beautiful changes that are coming onto earth? How would you describe it?

MG: This is just a transition now, because for the old to stop it needs to be deconstructed. And if there was another way to do it, we would have done it, but it doesn’t work otherwise. For the new to take place the old needs to leave first. (smiling) But once this transition is over, everybody will finally realize what and who they are.

JT: So we are in the beginning of a deconstruction phase?

MG: We are not in the beginning.

JT: So we are just shedding the last layers, is this it?

MG: Yes.

JT: People keep talking about the end of the world. Is this how the end of the world feels like, the shedding of the last layers?

MG: Yes and no. Yes it’s the end of the old but it’s not gloom and dark, it’s just a preparation.

JT: The end of the old world.

MG: Yes.

JT: Does that mean that many souls are going to depart?

MG: Also, if that is what they wish to do, yes.

JT: Why do they wish to go?

MG: (pauses) It’s difficult to say, there are so many variables. Some still keep hold of the old and in order to be ready for the new, they need to leave now. For some it might be too much and they confuse what’s happening to them with darkness.

JT: Tell me more about this confusion, this confusing of darkness. How is it perceived from your perception?

MG: It’s just separation; it’s not darkness as such.

JT: What would you tell humanity about this situation that they perceive as darkness? How would you explain that in simple terms to them?

MG: We are all one and this is happening for us to realize that. Separation is just an illusion and this illusion if falling away now.

JT: What happens to those who cannot align to this belief of oneness? What happens to the people who insist on staying in this state of illusion?

MG: They will be brought to a place where they can learn more about it as it won’t be possible to do that anymore on earth.

JT: These ships that you are describing over the planet earth, are they from different dimensions as well?

MG: They are from different dimensions, they have different frequencies and every ship has something to bring.

JT: Are they assisting the planet here right now?

MG: Yes.

JT: So these are very important times in which we are living.

MG: (smiling) Oh, yes.

JT: I am feeling the vibration here, it is extremely powerful.

MG: Yes.

JT: No words can describe it, no words.

MG: We will be slowly getting to a point eventually where words will become obsolete. (smiling) Communication will be so much easier.

JT: What else do we need to know here on this planet right now? What else does humanity need to understand?

MG: It’s easy to say that from that perspective but it’s not to be afraid. We all understand how much fear people have but it’s all perfect as it is.

JT: It’s all perfect as it is? Humanity is right now in a mass collective uncertainty, a global uncertainty, feeling stuck, being afraid. It is as if everything humanity knew is falling apart.

MG: Because it is, the way humanity knew it.

JT: So it is part of this cleaning up, the changing, the new world that is coming?

MG: It’s not so much a new world but it’s the unnatural, artificial layers that are being taken away.

JT: Like the illusion you mean?

MG: Yes, and this is what people are so afraid of because they don’t understand it. If they stay in their heart as much as possible, then it’s going to be easier for them.

JT: So they should allow shedding all this illusion?

MG: Yes.

JT: And this is going to be quite something?

MG: (smiling) Yes.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 26 February 2020

Gratitude to Daz for the picture


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