Nova Gaia – Part I


MG: I am in orbit watching Earth. I don’t feel like I have a body so much anymore. It’s more energy. It’s consciousness being focused on Earth.

JT: Look around you. Are you the only one or are there others who are focusing their attention on Earth?

MG: I feel the others.

JT: Tell me, what are you noticing? How does it feel like to be up there with the others?

MG: Completely connected. I cannot see them physically, I cannot see them at all but it feels like we are holding hands over Earth and every nuance, every frequency is here present.

JT: How does Earth feel like? How does the energy feel like from above?

MG: I see the blue Earth like a picture from a space capsule but I can feel the chaos, I can feel the change and I can feel the Earth being super imposed between what’s going to be and what was.

JT: So you are almost feeling what’s going to be and what was?

MG: Yes.

JT: Are you trying to say that what is going to be for us humans to notice, is already? It has already happened but we’re not seeing it?

MG: Parts of it, yes. And people are feeling it and noticing it. But the changes that everyone is hoping for, waiting for, they are not yet manifest on Earth.

JT: You said that they’re not manifest on Earth, but from your perspective, are they already there?

MG: The energy is there, everything is prepared, everything is playing out.

JT: Everything is playing out, ok.

MG: This is so beautiful. (crying) This is such a beautiful future for humankind.

JT: Tell me more about this feeling that you have. Here from this perspective, from an earthly perspective, there’s a lot of fear. I would love to hear from your perspective? How does that love feel?

MG: That’s all there is.

JT: All there is.

MG: From here I can feel the fear down there but it’s only separation from love.

JT: The current situation in the world is filled with fear. From your perspective, you already see the outcome and sense the outcome. What would you tell humanity on how to go on and continue their daily lives, how to find a way to thrive, to move forward?

MG: To trust. Many things won’t make sense for many people but that’s the chance to go beyond the mind.

JT: So you expect humanity to trust and just follow the flow of the energy?

MG: Yes, but this is a lot to ask for many people right now, many are not capable of doing it, at least not consciously but their body is doing it, their soul is doing it.

JT: So basically what people need to do is get out of their own way?

MG: Yes and it will happen anyway. It’s just going to be more difficult or easier for people to experience but everything is transforming.

JT: Can you give us a vision of what you mean by transforming? We’ve been hearing about New Earth. Is this what New Earth is supposed to look like?

MG: Also, yes, and it’s the capacity of people remembering and realizing their whole Being and once everyone has achieved this level, the whole Earth is playing out on a different frequency. The interaction between people, everything is changing (smiling).

JT: And it’s changing very rapidly.

MG: Yes.

JT: I mean it’s really very, very fast what’s happening. People are completely shifting from their old belief systems and world and being catapulted into a new reality. Although many of them are not ready to accept but there is no chance not to accept it. It’s like they’re being pushed into this new reality.

MG: And they are ready for it, they just don’t remember it.

JT: They don’t remember it?

MG: There are still so many layers for many people on top of them – old conditioning, old trauma, and this is all surfacing for everyone now.

JT: Yes, this is exactly what we noticed, a lot of hidden truths, unresolved traumas, fears are coming out to the surface. Everything is coming up to the surface now, everything.

MG: Yes, on the personal and the collective.

JT: Secrets, hidden truths, old traumas, unresolved issues. Everything that needs to come out, is now being pushed into people’s faces and they’re supposed to take it? I mean, where is this leading humanity?

MG: To the new world, the next step of evolution.

JT: The next step of evolution. Do you have a vision of a time period? When can we expect to see bigger changes?

MG: They are here already and they are happening but dates are not important. People put too much hope into dates and get attached to them. It’s when everyone is ready when the collective reaches a certain frequency, it will happen automatically, people don’t need to know dates.

JT: When I say dates, is it for our lifetime to experience?

MG: Yes.

JT: Ok, so it’s going to be in the next years maybe?

MG: It’s happening now, New Earth is being born now.

To be continued…

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 20 May 2020

Gratitude to unknown photo artist 🙏


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