Nova Gaia – Part II – Change, resistance and how to navigate during the current shift


JT: What would you say to those who are resisting, resisting all types of changes?

MG: It’s difficult to tell them anything. All these layers will burn down and they might feel like they’re burning down into ashes for them to rise again as their true self afterwards. Many people might think they’re going crazy, they’re losing everything. And from their experience, it’s a valid point. But it’s a point from the mind, from the conditioning.

JT: Talking about the mind, the conditioning, the rigid analytical mind. While we’ve been observing these past two three months, a lot of people while following the flow are even noticing a change in their perception, in their ways, dramatic shifts are taking place in their ways. While this is happening and they’re feeling better and they’re just going with the flow, other people are still blindly staying connected to this very rigid analytical belief system, believing the programming. How can we help these people to open up more and to look at the palette of different possibilities, instead of just coping or listening to just one stream of news and reality.

MG: They will only be able to do that once this layer is broken. I see them like being pushed into a corner, holding onto their beliefs like a big basket of treasures that they think will give them some comfort and everything that comes to them and trying to show them they’re pushing it away or ready to jump at it. But it’s only when actually they are breaking apart, will they then be able to break through. And for some, it’s going to be very tough for others who can stay in their hearts, they can flow with things more, even if they don’t understand it, they can trust the process.

JT: And those who will not, who are not able to stay in their heart but who are more attached to their very basic and earthly belief systems, what’s going to happen to them? What can we expect to see?

MG: When they see that their worldview is not working anymore, some might lash out, some might think they will go crazy, but this will then be the breaking down of their personality. And once they go through that, I can now feel everyone’s heart connection, and it’s when things break down, then, only then will some be ready to connect to their heart. And when they see other people connected to their heart, this can help them on their way. But talking with them on a rational mind level doesn’t help at all.

JT: So this mean that we can expect that they change only by breaking down?

MG: Some yes.

JT: We’ve been told that whatever we’re experiencing, collectively, right now, these past four months, is something that we have created ourselves. What have you got to say about this?

MG: We have created it but not as our only human facet but our multi-dimensional beings have created that.

JT: Okay, so if we have created this ourselves, we have already created the outcome as well.

MG: Exactly (smiling). And that is why nobody has to worry. But humans at the point where they are now, it’s still difficult because people don’t have outer proof yet, and people, many people might feel once they have outer proof they can sit back more easily. But with the outer proof, the process would not happen as authentically as it can. Because people need to live the experience to go through it to be able then to rise from it.

JT: Ok, so it’s very important for humanity to experience this fully.

MG: Yes.

JT: This is already a very, very difficult experience for humanity. Are we going even deeper down? Or are we already going upwards? From your perspective, is it going to become worse before it starts going up?

MG: It depends for whom. For some it’s already going upwards. For some it will still go downwards for a while. For some their reality will only break in the near future. So it really depends on what evolutionary step every human being is now. But collectively we are already through the deepest from the frequencies, maybe not from what is still going to play out in our reality but then when people already have a certain level of awareness, they can start to make the difference between what’s playing out and what’s the frequency inside. And the frequency inside is what is important. Not what’s playing out outside.

JT: Because outside, a lot of things are playing out because humanity is experiencing fear mongering, all kinds of stories that is jeopardizing their vibration. So even people who, I’m talking about healers, lightworkers, who are feeling finding themselves trapped into the belief system that they need to fight a darker force. Is there a darker force that we need to fight?

MG: Not fight but embrace. Embrace the darkness inside and outside, that’s the only way to transmute into love.

JT: So we need to embrace the darkness and transmute it. Can you please give us a description of this transmutation while embracing the darkness? Can you describe it in earthly scenarios how this would look here on the earth plane?

MG: For every person individually if you like, you can take the image of a storm and the whole planet is under a storm now, everything is being pushed and pulled and feeling upside down. When people are in their mind, they feel like they’re completely in the storm and they don’t know if something will hit them or if they will hit something. They are completely lost just being taken over by the storm energy. But if they calm down, if they manage to connect with their heart and come to a place of stillness, it feels then for them that they’re in the eye of the storm and they can see everything happening around them but understand it from a higher perspective, not being pulled into it and not feeling it so much as a destructive process, as many people might feel it right now.

JT: Because it’s the fear that won’t allow them to see clearly?

MG: Yes, and the more they are in the fear the more they are in the storm and the more confusing it is for them and some have chosen that experience. Everybody has chosen the experience and how it’s going to play out for them. Depending on what on a soul level they want to learn from it. Like if you like this is now the biggest lesson for every individual here and the biggest learning at the same time.

JT: So we all came here to experience this big shift.

MG: Yes

JT: And we all have our jobs, our missions here.

MG: Absolutely.

JT: And we need to trust the process.

MG: Yes. And the mind cannot do that, the mind is not conceived for that.

JT: The mind is not conceived for that. So we need to live more from the heart connection. So what would you tell the lightworkers here? What’s relevant for them to understand?

MG: To raise their own frequency. This is the biggest mission for everyone right now. To be in the love frequency as much as possible. Because if more light workers can be in that frequency and really embody it, the playing out is going to be much smoother than if lightworkers start to choose camps and start fighting as well. Even though it might be for spiritual reasons, it’s still a fight and there doesn’t need to be a fight.

JT: So, it has a ripple effect. If they raise their vibration each one of them, it will have an effect on the others around them and on the world.

MG: And the sooner then the tipping point will be reached where the consciousness of the collective will reach a higher point. Many people have already reached that but it’s not on a collective level and this is this big phase now.

JT: I noticed and so does Melanie, that a lot of people around us friends, family, colleagues, a lot of people are experiencing the beginning of an awakening. It’s a beautiful experience from our perspective. What can we do as lightworkers to guide them?

MG: To embody and to emit the love frequency, because people even if unconsciously, they are attracted to it, they know it, it helps them to remember.

JT: So they know it deep inside, it’s just a question of remembering.

MG: And this can happen in an instant, this can happen through the look into one’s eyes, coming from a deep place of unconditional love. This can awaken that in people.

To be continued…

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 20 May 2020

Gratitude to unknown photo artist 🙏


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