Nova Gaia – Part III – Non-human races, unity consciousness, karma, our children


JT: I have another question regarding non-human intelligences, non-human races. I understand that I’m not the only one but many people are experiencing presences, non-human presences. How many races are helping earth today?

MG: I get the number 13 but it’s not the races it’s the area of expertise of frequency. And many races can fall into one of those frequencies.

JT: Are these race races mostly benevolent? Or are they races that have a negative agenda?

MG: Those stationed around Earth right now have a benevolent agenda. They’re here to support this transition phase but in the background on earth… I’m just getting this feeling of dark energy from the left. They are still here on Earth somehow but actually what I’m getting from them is now the pain that they are realizing what they have done. It’s not so much the agenda of taking in the fear of people and feeling more powerful. It’s also that they are also awakening and realizing the impact of their choices. And because the frequency is raising so much on Earth, they can even feel glimpses of love. And once they are touched by unconditional love, there is no going back for them anymore. It feels like this is the barrier for them to step into the beginning of unity consciousness again, of Love.

JT: So they’re here on Earth.

MG: Some but they know they have lost already.

JT: And are they also experiencing this transmutation?

MG: Yes, as everyone is. I can feel their guilt, I can feel their fear and they are shocked of what they’ve been doing. And I feel so much compassion for them. And the lightworkers are also here to help them not to alienate them. WE ARE ALL ONE. This is what lightworkers really need to understand. So many of them still work in categories, but we are all one ultimate consciousness.

JT: Completely interconnected.

MG: Yes, and if there is one part of us that feels pain, all of us can feel that pain.

JT: Is there anything else that you would like to add about the collective, about the situation current situation in the world, any message to humanity?

MG: For many the activation will be very strong or is already starting to be felt very strongly. And one thing that’s going to help people to have it easier for them is to try not to involve themselves too much into the old world, the old energies – meaning exactly what is playing out on the political field, the economy, all these areas. It’s really to focus on themselves.

JT: We received the message lately about karmic resetting. I even had a dream where I’m told that I was reset, that I was cleared and Melanie experienced a similar thing. Is this happening with everybody?

MG: Yes.

JT: Is there a global reset happening with everybody’s karma? Are we going back to zero?

MG: We’re not going back to zero but we’re clearing everything. Karma was there to learn our lessons to learn our power of creation. And I’m getting from unity consciousness, there cannot really be any karma as such because we are all one. It’s as long as we are still in an individual consciousness that we have this feeling of karma.

JT: I was taught something and I would like to know your opinion. I saw in my dream that this resetting was mainly regarding our souls that we were trapped here on Earth. Therefore we were trapped in our karmas. And I was told that the resetting was like an opening to go back to unity consciousness to connecting back to light.

MG: That’s another way to put it.

JT: Does it mean that from now on when we die we will go back straight to the light without being stuck here? Stuck into returning back to earth continuously, perpetually?

MG: It’s all opening up.

JT: I have a personal question about Melanie. Melanie will continue channeling. Is there any particular guide or collective guidance that she should tap into, she should try to access? And if yes, who are they?

MG: It’s love frequency, she is very connected to that love frequency in its highest and purest form.

JT: So she’s connecting to source, to source energy?

MG: Yes.

JT: How can she continue? What can we do? How can I help?

MG: When you come from love the way is being prepared beautifully. I’m aware that what would be easier would be to have a practical advice. But it’s really your heart or guide, your intuition will guide you and you two work very nicely together from your energies. And you can continue doing that whenever you feel or one of you get some impulse, just connect and share that information.

JT: That’s beautiful. What can you tell us about the dragon Energy that Melanie taps into?

MG: She has gone through these last weeks also through the birthing pain of that and she will soon understand how it’s playing out for her. The thing you need to understand is that we respect free will very deeply and we don’t want to interfere with free will. And that’s why you might not always get the answers you’re looking for, but you will get the answers that you need.

JT: When we receive the answers will we get the answers we’re looking for, that we need or we’re going to receive the answers of the frequencies we’re emanating?

MG: (smiling) All of that. And this is a very good point to be able to feel the difference between all of those.

JT: So we can dance between the two what we want and the energy, the frequency that we emanate?

MG: Yes.

JT: I have a big worry regarding this period we experienced and we’re still experiencing and the children. Millions of children experience this unprecedented event. What kind of damages would this create in them?

MG: Do you mean the frequencies that are now on Earth?

JT: Yes or the fear based frequency that we see individually in families and schools, outside on the streets, in shops. Children who are not allowed to play together, touch each other, hug and kiss each other.

MG: Children are not so much affected by it because they are much more present in the moment. They haven’t been so conditioned yet. For them it’s actually easier than for grown-ups. What’s difficult for the children to see is the pain in which many adults are now and how they can then lash out onto the children because of that. But the children come to them, they are filled with so much love already, that this is also helping the adults. It’s like our children are already teachers.

JT: That’s very interesting. So this means that if we want to avoid traumatic consequences, we should make sure that our children feel love and find themselves bathing in this high vibration.

MG: Exactly.

JT: So the human adults have a lot to learn now in this period?

MG: (smiling) Oh, yes.

Jt: It’s the toughest lesson. They chose to come here and learn this.

MG: Absolutely. And they can all take it from the soul level, otherwise they wouldn’t be here. They wouldn’t have received the permission to come here if they couldn’t take it.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 20 May 2020

Gratitude to unknown photo artist for the picture 🙏


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