Reunion with the sacred clown – cosmic trickster energy


JT: I would like to ask another question about the non human races. These non human observers that are currently surrounding the planet. Do we have here on Earth hybrid beings from these races?

MG: My first answer was yes, but I now feel an interference in my throat.

JT: Express yourself.

MG: I can feel the hybrid energy.

JT: Inside of you? Around you? Is it here with us?

MG: It feels above on the left side.

JT: How does it feel? Are you comfortable with this hybrid energy?

MG: It’s strong, it’s like my throat is from time to time blocking and when I open it again it’s vibrating and pulsating into my body.

JT: Is this a question I shouldn’t have asked?

MG: I don’t know. Now it feels completely open and clear again.

JT: Look around you on your left side and see if this energy has left. Does it have a colour?

MG: Many colours, it can take any colour.

JT: Did it feel familiar to you?

MG: Yes but also a bit scary.

JT: What is the very first thing that comes to you when I ask what is it that scares you about that energy?

MG: Intensity.

JT: What else?

MG: It’s changing so quickly that it’s not reliable and it feels like an unstable energy.

JT: What have you got to do with this energy? What’s your relationship with it?

MG: I try to let it into my body completely now to feel it and the left side is ok with it but the right side is still pushing it away.

JT: Does this energy wish to speak to us?

MG: Hmm, it feels like a joyful, childish energy now, a bit like a fool but full of wisdom. Aahhh.

JT: What have you discovered?

MG: That it’s a trust issue of mine. Because this foolish energy has so much wisdom but it’s very chaotic. It can take any form and many forms. It can look happy, angry, innocent, all of it. It has the whole spectrum like the whole palette of colours to play with and it chooses the most appropriate one.

JT: Is it part of you?

MG: Yes and I am still afraid of it.

JT: Just embrace it, take it in and welcome it. Now make it yours. Send it love, acceptance, just trust it. How does it feel now? Is it settling?

MG: (smiling) It’s a very playful energy but it doesn’t let itself be told anything from anyone.

JT: Is this a personality trait that belongs to you?

MG: Yes.

JT: Why do you think it was outside of you? Did you reject it to please somebody?

MG: As a child mostly with my father, yes. And also in general a fear of being misunderstood.

JT: So this is a cheerful reunion right now, you are back to a part of you.

MG: Yes.

JT: We found this part because I was asking a question about hybrid energy. So what is so hybrid about this part?

MG: That it can be anything.

JT: Is it shapeshifting? Does it change colour, vibration, frequency?

MG: Yes, all of it.

JT: That’s very powerful if it does all this.

MG: Now I am getting that it can take the energy from any animal, from any frequency, from basically anything. It’s so creative. I was afraid that it might hurt people, that it might be too bold, too much for people.

JT: So now you have this new tool back in your system. So what will you do with it?

MG: Let it out more often and play with it.

JT: That is such a wonderful, unexpected thing that just happened. Does this part of energy or personality often leave human beings because of society, upbringing, pleasing others?

MG: Yes, the conditioning has a lot to do with it and for me specifically of being judged, misunderstood and burnt.

JT: Yes, of course.

MG: It’s like a cosmic trickster energy, very lighthearted but it also feels like it’s not taking anything seriously, like everything is a game.

JT: Is it a game? Is this life a game? Are we on a stage?

MG: With this mixture of energy now you can say that. For me it feels like a cosmic band. And yes, you could say it’s a game when everyone takes up their role and their function, which we are here to do, then everything is playing out more perfectly

JT: So what will Melanie play out? What is going to be her role?

MG: Her main role is the love frequency, to increase that, to ground that, to share that with people, to inspire other people and this trickster energy can help her in actually not being affected by the frequency of others. It brings this lightness in so that she can take any form.

JT: I have the feeling that this energy is an authentic part of her that she had to abandon to comply to what society was expecting of her. And she has found it again, it must feel so amazing right now.

MG: It’s actually fun (laughing). And it brings a lightness that she doesn’t always have.

JT: You said she needs to teach love energy and I’m sure she can. How do you expect her to spread the knowledge of connection, of love energy in a most proper way?

MG: By completely embodying it herself when she is with people and by sharing information, by sharing the teaching with people.

JT: We have noticed that a lot of people, especially lightworkers, tend to force especially nowadays others who are not ready yet to change, to see. What can you say about this forceful teaching? Is it indispensable to use that kind of force?

MG: Absolutely not, from this perspective it is actually harming people.

JT: But they mean well when they do this, they just want to help people and awaken people. So would it be better to just let go or to do it in a lower frequency?

MG: The sharing is good about it, it’s to wake people up but it’s not to force them to wake up. Because if they are forced while they are still working on other things, it’s like adding more layers on to them again and making the whole process more difficult for them actually and that’s not the intention of the lightworkers. If they want to help people to go through it as smoothly as possible, what they could do is to share their gifts, their knowledge but not push anything onto anyone. People will find them. With everyone then embodying their frequency, people who want or need that frequency, will naturally be attracted to them.

JT: So what lightworkers need to do is to embody what they are?

MG: Yes.

JT: Many lightworkers are feeling the urgency and they are thinking that is how they need to do it, just push people and force them to see but when others are not ready, they just can’t see it.

MG: It’s not helping the others, it’s not helping the lightworkers, it’s not helping anyone in that situation.

JT: And it is even raising more fear.

MG: Absolutely.

JT: I don’t like to ask fortune telling questions but how do you see the year 2021?

MG: (Laughing) Fun.

JT: So it’s going to be more fun.

MG: Yes, but this is coming from the trickster energy (still laughing). The chaos is still going to continue for some time.

JT: So the chaos is still going to continue. Since we are in the fortune telling questions, I understand that there is a lot of advanced technology that is coming from other worlds and this advanced technology is going very, very fast and we are hearing all things about tracking devices, microchipping people. My question is where will this lead humanity?

MG: It’s helping humanity to get a clear understanding of what they really are, creator beings and it will help them to become aware of their power of creation if you like but not in the old version of power, simply the energy of it. As for the details, they are not relevant, it’s the lessons that are relevant, not the outer part.

JT: So again we come back to the choice of fear or of accepting things and flow with it.

MG: Exactly.


Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 20 May 2020

Gratitude to unknown photo artist 🙏 


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