The Ascension Process: the crumbling of the tower, navigating the transition – Part I


JT: As we have stated last time, we are aware that there is a metaphysical undertone to what we’re experiencing on a collective level. And we are also aware, and we mentioned in our last sessions that there is a transition taking place. Therefore, all this disruption is like a crumbling tower. It was too weak at its foundation, the tower that is falling apart. We will not ask you questions about the current political situation that is dealing with all the narrative that we hear and read about. But we would like to have more information on how people can keep their frequency high to survive these big changes. What would you tell us about this?

MG: Everything is coming together. Not one single person has all the information. We are all interconnected and together we have access to all that information. Like we’ve been saying before there’s nothing to worry about, everything is being taken care of. Everyone should just focus on themselves and their own development now. That’s the most important work everyone can do.

JT: Would it be possible to go deeper into helping people to comprehend how to deal with this current situation on an energetic level? 

MG: There is no comprehension taking place there. It’s nothing that the mind can comprehend as such. Because there are so many factors involved that the mind cannot connect all of that. And that’s why we keep telling you to focus on the heart, because the heart is the portal that can show everyone their own truth and give them all they need to continue their work.

JT: We’re experiencing a duality, this duality that we’ve been experiencing for ages now. But the division can be seen more and more. People are divided externally, in belief systems, some people believe certain things, other people believe different things, but I don’t want to go into that. I want to go into the inner duality, internal duality. People who find themselves vibrating high, and then collapsing into old belief systems, old scenarios, old narratives, old programming. What is it they’re lacking? What is it they’re doing wrong to beautifully navigate this experience that we’re going all through?

MG: No one is lacking anything because we are all God, we are all Source Energy manifested in a physical body. And the beauty of the situation now is that people cannot run away anymore from their shadows, cannot run away anymore from the division that they are feeling inside of them. And that’s the outer part. It’s really simply showing us the division we have inside, on the collective level of consciousness of humanity. And like you say, how can we keep our frequency high? Whenever we feel that our frequencies are dropping, it’s not that we are doing anything wrong. It’s another layer that has come up and that we have the chance in the moment to let go of.

JT: So, we we’re not talking about good and bad, it’s just a situation that you can deal with again. Now, how can you explain to people who ask about instant manifestations? People are experiencing more and more instantly their thoughts. They have the impression that the veil between the thought and reality that is being manifested, the veil between these two realities or worlds is becoming thinner. How can you explain to us this phenomenon?

MG: What is happening now on a global level is what has been termed the ascension process by many. We are in the end of the transition period of that to come back to unity consciousness, which is our nature. 

What is happening with instant manifestations and the veil that is getting thinner and thinner is showing us as humans, our ultimate power of how we are creating our reality. But up until some years ago, the timeframe between our thoughts and the manifestation of our thoughts was often longer and it was more difficult to understand the consequences of our beingness, of our thoughts, and of our feelings. And this is changing now. Everything is getting faster and faster. And this is also part of our awakening. 

And when we have a thought and it manifests instantly, it’s an outer proof for us, so to speak, to show us where we are headed. 

JT: Is it also a way to show us that we are co-creators and very powerful co-creators?

MG: Absolutely.

JT: That we should be more conscious of our thoughts and the words we pronounce, the actions, thoughts, words.

MG: Exactly that. Everything has a frequency and the higher the frequency the more powerful it is. That is if you like a security for us, so to speak, that when we are in a lower vibration we cannot create as powerfully as when we are in a higher vibration.

JT: What would you tell a person who is experiencing for the first time these so-called ascension symptoms but is still living in doubt?

MG: You are starting to walk back home and we would congratulate you on already achieving that. And once people have awakened even if they feel that there are phases where they are not connected anymore or losing it or doubting it, there is no going back to being unawakened. 

It’s the start of the process and everyone’s path is different. And everyone’s lessons are different. So how it plays out in every individual life is consequently also different. And this is how the heart again can guide people home, to walk the path with more ease. But it’s not because we have difficult experiences that something bad is happening to us. It’s a lesson, that’s all.

JT: Obviously, these doubts come from innate fears, old programming, it can be generational. Who are we without these fears?

MG: Our true Selves and One Source energy manifest in different forms.

JT: As I said before, the tower is crumbling due to its weak foundation, a new firm foundation is being constructed. How do you see it? How do you sense it?

MG: That there is actually no need for a new foundation because a foundation is something stable that is supposed to last. And we don’t need that. What will happen is that our energies will start to be able to dance with each other more and more and to create more beautifully and more swiftly and instantly. So, the foundation, the structure is somewhat not applicable here anymore.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 2 March 2021

Gratitude to unknown photo artist for the picture 🙏


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