The Collective Core Layers and how to work with them


JT: What are the specific layers that the collective is currently focused on from your perspective? 

MG: The collective is made up of many different people that have different frequencies. So, everyone is working on different layers. But what everyone shares in common is that these layers are the  deepest layers that we are working on, the core layers that are been taken away now.  

JT: Can you tell us more about these core layers? What do you mean? 

MG: Our core layers are any attachment that is left to our identity. 

JT: So, I suppose these layers can be very difficult to be taken off. Which ones are the most  difficult ones to work through?  

MG: Fear and anger. They don’t have a difference as such, but they have a difference in how they vibrate. You can see how prominent fear and anger are everywhere in the outside world right now. 

JT: How can somebody cope with an experience of acute shock or overwhelm? What advice would you give them? 

MG: What is happening in a situation of overwhelm is that the current identity of the person has troubles integrating the new frequencies that they are taking in and this is creating a sense of  overwhelm. The easiest way of navigating through that, we know it’s easy to say that from that  perspective, but it’s really to let go of expectations, of attachment.  

Don’t push it to be, don’t take it towards you, just let it be as it is and feel it. You will then see that the overwhelm will give you images or feelings or something in your body that can then give you more information on the layer that is coming up for you personally.

JT: We’re noticing a lot of conflict internally between families, friends, colleagues, society in general.  How can we handle conflict with someone else and allow both people to raise their frequency at the  same time? 

MG: Conflict happens when people are attached to their point of view in a situation and try to make that point of view righter than the other point of view. From our perspective, conflict is something  absolutely unnecessary. 

Once you feel the tension from a conflict rising in you, and you want to react, step back for a moment, breathe, feel it, and try to listen inwards first, before you act. Because otherwise you’re just reacting out of an old pattern. If you hold for a second, you create more space, and you give yourself more chances to choose a different path, then a path of reaction out of old patterns. 

JT: So, this way these old patterns would fall apart as well? 

MG: Absolutely. With all these conflicts happening now, the entire situation is helping us, but since we’re used to condemn uncomfortable situations, we miss that part, when we approach it that way.  

JT: What would it take for humans to finally stop fighting their internal conflicts and find ways to work through them? 

MG: Once people have started to realize the power of love, and the power of their self-love, this will help them move through the situation. 

JT: I believe self-love is a very big issue. I can see it in my personal work. Most people come with a major lack of self-love, with major conflicts due to lack of self-love. Is this a source as well of the bigger conflict? 

MG: Yes, absolutely, that’s the beginning. Because if we don’t love an aspect of ourselves, we  separate it from ourselves and once that happens, a part of our psyche condemns it. And when we  see that externally in other people, that is what we are not liking about other people. It’s a projection of a part of ourselves that we are not capable of loving yet. 

JT: Would you kindly describe what we’re calling the ascension process? We know that this ascension will be different for everyone, but we would really appreciate, if possible, to receive  something like a blueprint of the process. 

MG: For everyone, the ascension process is a very organic process. What everyone shares in common about the structure is the moment where people are awakened, if you like, that’s the starting point. That’s the realization, when they know they are something much more than their human aspects that they’ve known until that part of their life.  

Once they have that realization, the ascension process actually really starts and there are not really any steps as such. It’s the layers, the letting go of layer, after layer, after layer. The time that the  ascension takes is dependent on the capacity of the person to work through that layer. One layer will  come up again and again and again until it’s resolved, until it’s transmuted and then that person is ready for another layer and sometimes it can happen that people work on three or four layers at the same time.

JT: So, we’re expecting a gradual change of reality. 

MG: Change is already here. 

JT: We are living change. 

MG: Absolutely. 

JT: Some people are talking about the sudden change which they call the event that they’re expecting. We are already living the event, aren’t we? 

MG: Yes. 

JT: We are. How and when would a 5D stabilization be possible? 

MG: When there is no left over of any sort of identification with the self and when the self has been transcended completely. Then the person merges with their multi-dimensional being. 

JT: Will this take a long time? 

MG: It’s always here, it’s always present. It’s people forgetting it. When people align in 5D they’re already there, it’s always available. It’s when their self comes up again, or some form of attachment  comes up again, then they go down in frequency and may not feel 5D anymore, but 5D is here the  whole time, always available. 

JT: Always available. So, it’s not something that is about to come, but it’s already here. We’re practically bathing inside; we’re swimming in there. 

MG: And we are it, it’s our nature, it’s just the realization that we are lacking. 

JT: Thank you. More and more people are viewing unidentified aerial phenomena where you realize  that galactic brothers are there pouring around us, are with us. Is there a specific system that is being  used by our galactic brothers to work on us? 

MG: We have so many different galactic civilizations present upon earth now and different civilizations have different specialties. So, there is a multitude of ways we are working with people on  earth at the moment.  

JT: All these civilizations have the same plan for the planet, for our planet Earth? 

MG: The word plan feels wrong here. It’s not a plan. It’s a natural continuation of what was, and we  are all here to support that.  

JT: And how are you doing that?  

MG: We are responsible for the blue energy, for the essence of the frequency itself. 

JT: The frequency of the planet you mean or of the beings on the planet? 

MG: The planet is taking care of herself, but she has lived so much pain as well. So yes, we are  helping her in terms of frequency and humans just as well. 

I’m now seeing many different humans with many different colors bathing them. And it’s really  everyone is getting the frequency, or the energy, or the color that they currently need. And we can feel what you need and when you are open to receive it, we can give it to you.  

JT: Excellent. I have a question regarding universal laws. Can you give us an overview about what  universal laws are? 

MG: If you like the basic law, which is not a law but the nature of everything is that we are all One.  That is the basic foundation.  

JT: So, we’re all interconnected, we are One. 

MG: And we are experiencing ourselves in different ways to add to the experience of Oneness. 

JT: So, are you saying that we come to planet Earth to forget about unity consciousness, and we  experience separateness, division? Why would a soul choose to come and experience this? 

MG: Because it represents such a leap in the evolution of a soul to come here. Earth is known to be  one of the toughest places to be reincarnated.

Much love to you💙🙏 🌈


Channelled on 7 July 2021

Gratitude to Adrien Converse for the picture 🙏



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