The Current Situation, Making One Step at a Time – What do you Choose to Focus on?



JT: May I ask questions about the current situation in the world regarding the development of the virus and the dramatic economic situation in the world in many countries. Is there anything we need to know about this current situation, about these big, unprecedented monumental shifts that the world, the reality of humanity is experiencing? How do you see it from there?

MG: The problem we see with sharing that information with you is that many people become attached to that information and use that and again to convince others of it. And this is leading to more conflict again.

That’s why we always tell you, you don’t need to worry about anything regarding the future. Everything is prepared. Everything is perfect. It’s like the path is open in front of you and you just need to make one step at a time.

But the biggest problem for humans is to trust that without using their mind, they want their mind to hold on to something to be able to explain something to other people in turn. But it’s really just make one step at a time.

JT: I understand. In one of our last sessions, you said the storm is indispensable. But people right now all around many millions are being stripped from their free choice, their power, their integrity, their possessions, their self-responsibility. So, they’re losing everything they knew. So, in order to adjust to this new reality, we should surrender and not resist?

MG: Absolutely and all the examples you have given are coming out of the victim position again. That’s when people are not empowered but people always have free will, people always have a choice. Sometimes the choices that we need to make a really, really difficult but it’s still a choice.

JT: Because we’re experiencing at the same time, a lot of confusion, cognitive dissonance, and that is causing the resistance. What would you tell these people, this very large group of lightworkers, who are resisting with all their power to fight this reality that we’re experiencing?

MG: Fighting anything will always lead to more separation never mind how right the cause is.

So, people, especially lightworkers at the moment, may have the best intentions in their heart for the actions they’re doing, trying to wake everyone up but the more forcefully they do it, the more resistance they create in other people as well.

JT: So, what would your message be to the lightworkers right now?

MG: It’s coming back to what we’ve said before, everyone should focus on themselves. Since we are all interconnected, we are all One. When you focus on yourself and do your work, you increase the frequency of the collective but many lightworkers are still fixated on the external world and the external world is absolutely irrelevant. It’s the manifestation of energy that has already taken place.

JT: So just focus on your own vibration and the world around you will change. How can we help those who are not able to connect to their higher consciousness, to the higher aspect of themselves? First of all, to know that they’re not only this physical body, but they’re also light beings.

This is a big struggle, because we know that when people awaken to who they really are, they will be more conscious and more connected to their own vibration. What is it there to be done? How can we guide the masses to be more conscious?

MG: Love them with all our power, love them with all our self because they are us. It’s just us, ourselves, in different steps of our evolution and when we can see that, then we can connect with everyone because we’ve been in situations everyone has been in. And it’s again coming back to do we choose to focus on what separates us from others, or what we have in common. And since we are all one, our experiences are just different, but we are all the same.

JT: I remember in one of our last sessions you said a very beautiful sentence, which was “what could be the most loving thing to do right now”. I think this should be used like a mantra every time we find ourselves in front of a critical situation, feeling overwhelmed, confused. Let’s only stop for a few seconds and ask ourselves what could be the most loving thing to do right now.

MG: Absolutely. What this does is that it not only brings us back into the present moment, but it increases our frequency, because our aim is to connect with high frequency in that moment if we connect with love.

JT: These times are very difficult and we have moments where we struggle to keep our vibration high and we dance between the two worlds, between keeping the energy high and dropping back into the human 3D prison, let’s call it like that. Is there an advice that you would give us both to be more conscious and get out of 3D again with more ease, without pain, because sometimes there is a lot of physical pain and energy drainage. What would you tell us about this?

MG: This is one of the things you agreed to before coming. Both of you are transmuting a lot of energy for the collective and you need to go into 3D to be able to transmute all of that. That’s why you have a physical form. We cannot do that from where we are because we don’t exist in 3D.

JT: So, we have chosen to have come here for that.

MG: Yes and we know how hard it is for both of you very often but you are capable of doing it because you are so anchored with us. We are always here and you have seen it so many times in the past already now. When you thought you couldn’t take it anymore, then things change again and you move forward.  You help so many people by being here, please never give up.

JT: Melanie and I, we noticed that when we have periods where we really want to give up because it’s hard, you gift us with beautiful visions or dreams or positive powerful feedback and we thank you for that. I would like to ask you about the dream that I had the other night with the flocks of lightballs that were travelling in the sky above our heads communicating with us. What’s the meaning of that dream?

MG: They are always reminders for you to stay with us in that frequency because when you are long in 3D and working with so many unawakended people, sometimes the forgetfulness of the collective enters your own consciousness, and you start forgetting. And this is our way to show you that we are still here, we are never leaving you. These are little nuggets of remembrance that we are trying to give you in those moments. And we are always so joyful when you realize them but there are so many more in your lives that you don’t realize yet.

Continue exactly what you are doing, you are exactly in the spot where you are needed and doing the work you are needed to do for now. There is no necessity for both of you at all, to doubt anything anymore.

JT: That’s a very good statement, that we both need to here because as you said doubt comes with fear. Are we doing the right thing? Are we in the right place? Are we surrounded by the right people?

Obviously, we are mothers and we worry for our children, not only our children but children in general. What can you tell us about the new children we are seeing now? A lot of new babies are being born. Who are these babies? Why have they chosen to come right now?

MG: They are bringing in fresh frequencies as well but frequencies that the earth can welcome now again. And that’s why you don’t need to worry about the children, they are ready with everything needed and they will create the new reality on earth. They also will be activated at their right time.

JT: Wonderful, thank you. Now that we have reached the end of the questions, if there’s anything that we have forgotten to ask, please feel free to share whatever humanity needs to know right now in these shifting times.

MG: You are so much more then you are capable of still imagining now and you all start to wake up little by little. Every fear is always part of the evolution because by waking up, you also wake up to the bits that are not, the created false self if you like. And once you’re able to identify that and work with it, you can let go of more and more layers. And in turn with every layer, that you let go, you create space in your own beingness. And with that space, more light can enter your beingness again, and this is how you can raise your frequency.

We would also advise you not to make any big plans for the future. It is completely unnecessary. You’re headed somewhere where you’ve never been before in human form. So, you cannot even start to imagine. That’s why we always say work in the present moment, try to feel love when you can, and when you have much love to give then give it to others as well to help them because we are all doing this together. It’s all us. It’s all one energy.

JT: This is absolutely beautiful. Before we end this session, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the messages and wisdom that came through today. I thank the guides who have been assisting us today, I also thank Melanie’s Higher Self and my Higher Self for this beautiful inspiring conversation. Thank you very much.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 7 July 2021

Gratitude to Pratik Roy Choudhury for the picture 🙏


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