The evolution of human consciousness, energy shifts, shedding layers, frequency jumps – Part II


JT: I know this is a difficult question, but I get this asked very often by people. How long can this process last? We know it’s going extremely fast. Do we expect big changes to happen in the coming five years?

MG: Absolutely. It can happen any instant now. The energies are ripe, the ground if you like is ready. Now it really depends on the tipping point of the collective. And this will then trigger the next steps.

JT: So, we can either get to that side or to that side or is there’s absolutely no other way but the ascension itself?

MG: From where we are here, and I’m getting goosebumps all over my body, there is no other option. We have decided to ascend. This is taking place whether people believe it or not.

JT: Last time I asked you about people having vivid dreams and the vivid dreams are continuing, everybody’s having lots of trips, the buzzing in the ears, physical symptoms, more sensitivity to food, to chemicals, and especially to electromagnetic radiation. How can the individual learn to adjust to these frequencies without harming himself?

MG: We may often think that the wisdom comes from the mind or from the heart, but the body has so much wisdom stored in it as well. And we can let our body do its work properly when we don’t interfere so much with it. Meaning that if we feel things are getting too much, if we feel overwhelmed, then we should take the time to rest and recuperate. We can let the body take care of the physical aspect, that’s what it’s here to do.

JT: So, it is a bit like what animals do. I had a cat and every time he would feel poorly, he would just rest and sleep and recuperate his energy in a few days.

MG: Exactly that.

JT: Although we try not to go into the current political situation, I am wondering if we are interfering mentally, analytically when we are imposing medication or vaccination on the masses. What is your point of view about this?

MG: This is a very important aspect that needs to be played out until the end. It’s a crucial aspect of the ascension process now (pauses). You will understand everything in due time but what we can tell you is that everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be.

JT: Many individuals are tapping into what is known as dragon energy. I personally tapped into dragon energy and I was amazed by how powerful and how loving, harmonious it is. What is there to know more about dragons and their role in this ascension process?

MG: Their energy is being activated because more and more people connect with their energy again. They have so much ancient wisdom to share with us. We’re just at the beginning of reconnecting with dragons.

I am now seeing a dragon in front of me, bowing respectfully, eyes full of love. They share their energy with us. They will work with us when we are ready for them.

JT: There are a lot of cultures that use dragon symbols and believe in dragon energy. Are these cultures currently working with these energies?

MG: Yes, but I’m feeling something is not completed there yet.

JT: I’m asking you this because I heard that there has been manipulation as well. And many have been working with false dragon energies. What is your impression about this?

MG: It feels resonant, but what I’m getting is that the energy has been present the whole time if you like, in a dormant version. And now that people can finally connect more authentically with dragons, again, they will come out more fully. Because now I see the fusion of them as well. It has also to do with the masculine and feminine energy. They represent both parts of it and this distorted masculine energy still needs to be worked out in the collective more for them to be able to be seen more actively.

JT: So, in other words we are still in the process of finding the right balance between the masculine and the feminine energy?

MG: Yes.

JT: This is exactly the question I had planned next – the return of the divine feminine. We’re talking more and more about Mother Mary. She was a powerful priestess, a healer, an empowered woman. She is the face of the Divine Feminine. And there is a very powerful coming back of Mother Mary, not only in the Christian religion, but collectively. She’s more and more present in people’s lives and in people’s dreams. What can you tell us about this figure?

MG: She is a beautiful representation of the Divine Feminine. Like you said in her empowered and freed aspect, who can then bring all the changes about with the Divine Masculine, when we’re finally through the distortions of that.

I’m also getting a blue energy and aspect of unconditional love towards all beings and ourself. I can feel her love and the security she gives and the hope she carries with her. It can help people a lot to connect with her energy. I can feel the power of her divine femininity in this body now and it is very intense, but it’s not yet moving somehow. It’s still very still, like patiently waiting for the Divine Masculine to join her.

JT: Can you tell us more about this dance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. How do you sense it?

MG: A blissful union and a perfect balance between being and doing, between our dual and our non-dual aspect. It’s bringing all of that together and when the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are also transcended, then we join in zero-point consciousness.

JT: Can you describe this union of zero-point consciousness?

MG: It is completely calm, completely serene. I can see the perfection in everything and I don’t have the need to be anything anymore. Every situation brings out what needs to be brought out. It’s a very dynamic energy but it’s not an active energy. It comes out in a dance of energies; it doesn’t drive so much, it fulfills.

JT: Is there anything else that you notice about this because this is the main problem, we’ve had for 1000s of years?

MG: That’s the beauty of the situation now, it brings up all the distortions we have created in all those years and the distortions will all come up and be transformed.

JT: These distortions that we have created, we have disempowered the feminine energy, trapped her, and we have empowered the masculine energy, but at the same time, we have also given too much responsibility to the masculine energy and that is not correct either.

MG: And it’s still this; a distorted masculine energy, an immature masculine energy. It feels like the Divine Feminine is completely ripe and ready to bloom, and the Divine Masculine still has some catching up to do there. This whole external scenario now is bringing this distortion up for everyone to be able to see that outside and inside.

JT: Outside and inside, so finding the Divine Feminine as well inside in every man and woman?

MG: Absolutely.

JT: Now that we have reached the end of the session, as I always do, I ask you if you have anything else to add anything that I have forgotten to ask that is relevant for us individually or collectively.

MG: We love you all so much.

You have already come so far. And even though many might feel like wanting to give up now, we can only urge you not to do that if you can, if you still have energy, go on, continue because now is really the final phase of clearing everything up. That’s why it’s been experienced so intensely by so many.

And whenever you have old issues resurfacing, don’t dismiss them, take them in, try to work with them, try to be as honest and as authentic with yourself as you can be.

And don’t put too many expectations out on the outside world for you to make moves yourself, make your moves independently of the outside world. The outside will follow any way. Because if you like what we see now playing out outside is the consequence of feeling and thinking that has already taken place.

It’s really the present moment, as being shown outside, is the past finding its conclusion. And in every now moment we create the future as well. And this is our whole power to change things more swiftly and to experience this transition with more ease if you like.

And like we always say, you don’t need to worry about anything. Everything will work out in the sense of unity consciousness finally reaching Earth again.

We love you all.

JG: Thank you so much. t I have just a very last question. I noticed around me, among my clients and acquaintances, a lot of new babies that are coming to this planet. What is happening?

MG: They’re bringing in new frequencies as well that are not distorted in any way. It’s like a fresh breeze of love sweeping the planet (smiling).

JT: Thank you so much, much gratitude for all the loving messages and all the wisdom that came through today again. It is always a great pleasure and an honor to communicate with you. We thank you and greet you with love.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈


Channelled on 15 April 2021

Gratitude to Donald Hyip for the picture 🙏


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