The experiment of physical ascension: Source potential, the beginning of physical creation on earth, the first split


MG: It feels like a room or field of potential. It’s where things are created and imagined. I have my body but there’s actually not much of a difference between the room and myself. It’s just by moving that I notice that I’m still me in there.

JT: Is it a feeling of oneness with the space around you?

MG: Yes.

JT: Does it mean that you don’t feel your physical body anymore?

MG: Not really, I know it exists but it’s not relevant.

JT: Can you tell me more about this place where you are?

MG: Wherever I turn to and when I put my attention to it, I can see everything and create everything from there. It feels so calm and pure.

JT: Does this feel familiar to you as well?

MG: Yes.

JT: In this place where you are, do you notice anything else or anyone else around you?

MG: I’m completely alone here but it doesn’t feel alone because I’m completely connected. I really don’t see much of a difference between myself or anything else.

JT: In this place where you are alone and connected, I just want you to check if you notice your emotions. Where is the place of emotions in this place? Do they have a place there?

MG: Not really. It’s like devoid of everything but the potential of everything at the same time. It feels also like you have no physical rules, nothing applies here, no gravitation, nothing.

JT: How could you call this place if you had the words to describe it?

MG: The closest I’m getting is source potential. It’s like from here everything starts. When I look around now, I see, it feels like energy and water at the same time, the same blue from all the light codes, the same bluish energy. If there were something like walls in here, it would feel like it’s flowing down those walls.

JT: So there are no barriers, no walls, no restrictions. It’s just one and it seems like water you said like flowing water, liquid energy.

MG: Yes, it has the water quality in it but it’s not water. It’s the closest to the element water we have.

JT: in this place are you being welcomed by somebody, by anything?

MG: I’m just. And this colour, the blue energy is very playful, like extending an invitation to co-create, to manifest.

JT: This invitation is for you or for others as well?

MG: I feel for me, it could be for others as well but I don’t feel a difference between me and others here. It’s like if it’s applicable for me it’s applicable for everyone.

JT: So in this place where you are, you’ve been invited by this blueish, beautiful light, an invitation to co-create and manifest it’s a co-creation and manifestation for the collective I imagine?

MG: Yes, for expressing love.

JT: So from this place where you are, connected to this blue source light, I want you to experiment something for me. In this place where you are I want you to, all along by staying there, look at our planet, planet earth, knowing what’s happening, the challenging moments that the planet is going through. What do you see from there?

MG: I see the planet from orbit and I feel so much love for humans, for earth and from up here I have the capacity to hold all that love.

JT: You see all the love, this love for humans. What do you see about the humans? I’m asking you this because a lot of humans have forgotten why they can be loved.

MG: There is no reason for it, this is what humans often misunderstand. Love just is, there is no condition, there’s nothing attached to it. Just by being they are love and they are loved.

JT: They are love and they are loved. These are beautiful words. Can you please in this place where you are, see or recall the moment, the source, the origin when humans disconnected from who they are, forgot how to love and remember that they are love. When did this take place? When did this happen?

MG: I’m getting many hundreds of thousands of years ago. It didn’t happen instantaneously; it was over time.

JT: Let’s go back, all the way backwards, to very first thing you remember when it started, when did this disconnection start? Just bring all the emotions up, bring them up to your chest.

MG: I was there.

JT: You were there. Tell me about it. You are there now; you can see what’s happening. You’re just there, bring all the emotions amplified.

MG: We are 13 populating and our intention is so pure but we cannot hold, it feels like we cannot hold it together.

JT: Connect to your deepest knowing and allow the memories to come up. Just allow all the memories to flow right now and express yourself. Tell me what’s happening?

MG: We are ready to start this experiment and we think we prepared for every possible outcome.

JT: Tell me more about this experiment. What do you mean by the word experiment?

MG: I’m getting physical ascension. Ascension in matter, in physicality.

JT: So leaving the body and the soul at the same time?

MG: Doing it together with the body.

JT: Leaving with both, with the biological body and plasma body?

MG: Yes, a complete union of physical matter and spiritual energy or source energy.

JT: Is this how people would leave the planet before? Is this how they departed?

MG: Yes, but there was not a departure as such. It was like coming and going. It’s not comparable to how we nowadays use death as an exiting point, there was no exiting as such. The awareness, everything was always with us the whole time.

JT: So the energy that moved the body and the plasma, was is awareness? That was the engine? How would you call awareness if you had another word for it?

MG: Consciousness.

JT: So consciousness was the tool of the energy, the engine to move, body and lightbody to different places, different realms and dimensions.

MG: Exactly.

JT: Coming and going. Just stay on this line on this timeline and let’s go forward. So what happened then? How did we end up here? You know it, just connect to your deepest, deepest knowing and bring it up.

MG: It’s the physicality. Somehow, we underestimated the impact that physicality had, that matter had. I’m feeling like I’m starting to split.

JT: Describe everything you’re seeing, use all of your senses. Tell me more.

MG: (crying) It feels like I am loosing parts of me because I’m starting to forget them and I feel so small and disconnected

JT: So does it feel like disconnection?

MG: (crying) mhm.

JT: It does. I want you to stay there in that scene, do not go, do not abandon the scene. Stay there and let’s explore it more. So something is happening, you are disconnecting your body. Something is happening to your body. What’s happening?

MG: (crying) It feels like it’s becoming denser and denser and we cannot hold our frequency anymore in this density It’s like subparts cannot come with us in there. And we knew that, but it’s living that and imagining that, it’s so much more painful.

JT: I want you to stay in these scene. I know it’s painful. Stay in here with this energy. I know it’s hurting, it’s painful, but we need to look. What happened? Was this action influenced by something external? You know it, just connect to your deepest senses and allow yourself to find the answer.

MG: Yes, and no, the external doesn’t make sense in my current view of things, but you could turn it externally, yes.

JT: So stay with this external force. You’re there now, you’re part of it, you’re part of this team, you’re part of this transformation that has occurred. Tell me how you would describe this external force that is influencing?

MG: It’s some of us who got lost quicker in that density than others of us who could still hold our frequency in there.

JT: So it’s some of you. Before they got lost in that density, what provoked that density? What provoked that density before some of you got lost in there?

MG: It’s the physical matter itself.

JT: Something happened to the physical matter and you got disconnected that’s the missing link. What happened to the physical?

MG: I’m getting a feeling that there’s something completely wrong.

JT: Completely wrong, try to explain to me what is completely wrong. What do you mean by wrong?

MG: When we enter matter, we can manipulate matter, but we got sucked into that density.

JT: Does it feel like you were manipulated somehow into that matter, that should have been different?

MG: I’m feeling this sucking energy. Yes.

JT: Are you trying to tell me that before every time you entered that body, you could manipulate it but this time when you entered something went wrong?

MG: It’s like I’m stuck in here now.

JT: Now this sense of feeling stuck; before this body sucked you in and you felt being stuck. I want you to go just a little bit further backwards and see what made it happen?

MG: At the beginning we could feel the slight difference in frequency between the physical and the energy body. But some of us were so focused on the physical manifestation part and started disconnecting from the spiritual part and by doing that they developed more power into the physical manifestation of things.

JT: So this is where the disbalance took place.

MG: Yes, and by the time we didn’t even realize what was happening and suddenly we were stuck in there too. And it was like the amount of energy augmented, augmented, and augmented and then it turned into this.

JT: I understand, so there was a separation from the nonphysical and physical because there was more focus put on the physical part. They explored the physical part and they discovered that they could do more things with the physical part. Now, before they reached this point, you said they were some of us who got lost. I want you to see from a distance those who are lost. What’s that energy that made them get lost?

MG: It’s power. They personalized their power, because we now had something like physical incarnations and they started putting themselves first and wanting to increase that power. And they had to nurture that power. So they tried to find ways on how to access more energy to sustain their power. (crying) They are so lost.

JT: They are so lost. How long ago was this? If you could put a number without getting lost.

MG: I’m not getting a number, it’s when physical creation started or the move into third density if you like.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 8 September 2020

Gratitude to unknown photo artist 🙏 


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