The Gong on Mount Kailash


MG: I see the whole world in front of me and it’s a play between the clouds shedding shadows and then light in between and seeing the rays of light passing. It’s completely calm and serene.

JT: Are you alone there?

MG: At first yes but now I feel like there is a building that’s not really a building some other place, it’s not just nature. It reminds me of a monastery of a temple but it’s not really that.

JT: Look at yourself, look at your feet, how are you dressed?

MG: I’m a Buddhist monk, my red robes, my shaved head, I’m a male. I feel very innocent.

JT: Are you young or old?

MG: Yes and no, my body is young but I don’t feel young and I have this purity of youngness.

JT: Is this the temple, the building, where you are going to?

MG: I’m in the courtyard. There’s a very big golden gong in the shape of a circle and it’s very important there. It feels like when you do the gong up there, it vibrates on the whole earth. It goes into every corner of the earth, it spreads everywhere. That’s what I am actually doing.

JT: Are you the one that beats the gong?

MG: Yes. When I am doing the gong, me and the gong we are somehow one because it is vibrating everywhere and I am vibrating too but there is no difference between the gong and me, though I initiate it.

JT: You’re part of it and it is part of you?

MG: Yes. It feels like the vibration is not only a vibration, it’s also a sound and wherever it goes, it changes things. It’s like it’s increasing the vibration or the purity.

JT: Stay with the gong and tell me, what do you do before you just hit the gong? Is there anything you do yourself?

MG: I am fully present and I can feel it before I am supposed to hit it. When I feel it’s the right moment, I do it. The gong is relevant and the vibration it does, because wherever it touches, it’s not only increasing vibration but it’s changing the reality. It’s like a wave going over the earth and changing things.

JT: Changing the earth’s vibration?

MG: You cannot see it so much, everything looks brighter and more colourful but you can feel it, it’s changing it from the inside out. And the vibration is love.

JT: Do you set an intent before you send the vibration?

MG: I don’t need to do it.

JT: Do you represent that intention?

MG: Yes, and it’s beautiful to see all this love (crying).

JT: Tell me more about the vibration on earth.

MG: It touches the nature everywhere but also the people. It’s like it’s activating their heart or something in them so that they realize they are something much bigger than they think they are.

JT: Does it also clean the waters?

MG: It can clean anything but it doesn’t feel like healing more like putting everything in its right place.

JT: Are there other big gongs as powerful as this one?

MG: Yes, it feels connected to the chakras of the earth and it feels like Mount Kailash. All are relevant but this vibration is something different, it’s so powerful.

JT: So if this vibration can change the perception and chemistry of all, how can you use it today with whatever is happening? 

MG: It’s the intention and the purity of heart that does it.

JT: Is this vibration in every living being?

MG: Yes and the gong is a way to activate it.

JT: Can you describe to me what happens when you beat the gong? What do you feel inside?

MG: It’s like ripping reality but not in a destructive way. It’s like cutting reality or the non-real part, the artificial part out of it and bringing out the pureness, the state of oneness.

JT: Is there anything else you want to share about what is happening in this scene?

MG: It was to see it and to feel the power of it.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 26 February 2020

Gratitude to Manuel Cossio for the picture 🙏



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