The Importance of 2020: learning to trust the unknown and our personal power of creation – Part I


JT: In this year 2020, I’ve been noticing that the things that were stuck for a very long time are suddenly moving forward. I have noticed that we are dealing with mutable energy. I’ve also noticed that flexibility is becoming a very important aspect in people’s lives, the ability to change. This is a time for detoxing, decluttering, and changing. Yet with all this energy, this mutable energy there’s a lot of fear in people’s hearts. I know this is a question we asked last time, but I keep asking because this is a collective issue we are experiencing today. How can people deal in these changing times with the fear of the unknown?

MG: They need to learn to trust the unknown.

JT: 2020 besides the mutable energy that we are experiencing, it has been a hard and dense year where the individual’s freedom, freedom in always physical freedom, the intellectual freedom, freedom of expression has been and is still being challenged. How can people deal with this challenge on their freedom?

MG: They cannot really deal with it; they can only surrender to it. I’m seeing a wave, like a big tsunami that is washing over everything that has been, everything is being cleared up, and we are still playing games of trying to understand what is happening, but we can’t understand what is happening really.

JT: When you say “playing games of understanding”, I have the impression that you are speaking about the challenge of understanding a reality. And reality is nothing to be understood.

MG: Exactly. And I am also getting that we are playing hide and seek with our true selves at the moment. And this whole game is coming into its end phase. The tsunami is now unstoppable, we are in the middle of the wave and soon things will become clearer again, but we need to go through the storm to clear up everything that is still there, everything that still needs to be transmuted.

JT: So, the storm is indispensable to transmute the energy.

MG: Absolutely.

JT: We’re expecting a very powerful solar eclipse on the 14th. And then we have the winter solstice that will coincide with the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction on the 21st of December 2020. A lot is being said about this from expert astrologists, healers, channelers. What can you say about this important date?

MG: That’s a beautifully orchestrated timing to give us the chance to use this moment as much as possible. We will get that there anyway; the only question is how easy and how fast it’s going to be and that depends on the collective. And this month now is such a critical month for the collective to rise again and to stabilize these frequencies more and more.

JT: What else can you tell me about this important month? What do we need to pay attention to?

MG: People should not confuse the outside with the inside. The outside events are not that important, but people like to hold on to that for confirmation for something. The whole is playing out inside. Outside is just a manifestation for us to realize how things are moving but it’s not where the power is, it’s not where the transformation is, it’s inside and the outside is just a reflection of that.

JT: Can you tell me more about the inside transformation?

MG: It’s so beautiful. I can see how more and more people are lit up and how the light is enveloping earth. (very emotional) There is so much love and we have complete trust and confidence in humanity to manage that. That’s how far we’ve come.

JT: When you say you are seeing people being lit up one-by-one and there is so much love. Are you seeing all of humanity, or will there be people that will not awaken or ascend?

MG:  It’s not a question of either/or. Everything and everyone will ascend in their due time, in their due place depending on their contracts.

JT: Will those people that you see as lighting up with so much love, will they have enough power to shift the paradigm of the entire planet?

MG: I can feel the power in this body now and its very intense. And yes, absolutely, there is no doubt about it, about the shift, about the outcome of it. It’s really just the transition now.

JT: Are we as human, sentient, intelligent beings, responsible of the creation of this current reality that we are living via our expectations of an outcome?

MG: Absolutely as well. And that’s the power that people have to influence how easy or difficult the transition is. It’s happening anyway, and we’ve all agreed to that. But how we navigate through it, how we can hold our frequency, this is our power now.

JT: I understand that many people who are consciously present here on the planet to be part of this great shift of this massive Awakening tend to be taken by this current wave of fear and rage. How can we assist them in changing their perception?

MG: We cannot do it for them. Everyone has to do it themselves. What every person who is more awake, can do, is to show that frequency, to show that love, to embody it more and more for people to see it. Because people start to react to frequencies more and more. Even if still subconsciously, they can relate to that and the more they see it around them, the more it takes the focus away from the outer narrative that is taking place now.

JT: Are they becoming victims of this situation?

MG: Nobody is a victim.

JT: Nobody is a victim. So, we have chosen to be here in these times?

MG: Absolutely. And those who want to believe in those narratives can. It’s their own free choice, we all can do whatever we want. And we don’t need to worry so much about the right or wrong view of others. Focus on our development, that is the key.

JT:  We are observing mental health challenges in millions of people, especially in young people who do not see their future. They feel lost. How can they be helped and assisted?

MG: It’s actually the surfacing of the insanity, that was already there, that is coming out now. It’s the manifestation and transmutation of that to be able to come to a more sane place afterwards.

JT: That’s very interesting, thank you for this. There’s a lot of talk about virtual reality or augmented reality. And many of us have felt that the lining, the veil between what we call our own reality and virtual reality is becoming thinner and thinner. What’s the difference between reality and virtual reality? Or is there a difference between the two?

MG: That was going to be our answer. Do you believe there is a difference?

JT: Well, so there’s no difference between them then.

MG: No.

JT: Ok, so would it mean that reality is your personal subjective reality and virtual reality is all the rest?

MG: We are creators of our reality and our subjective creation capacity makes the reality exist. We are in, never mind what name you give to that reality, you could also call it a simulation if you like. We define the rules and we play the game then.

JT: And we can change them.

MG: Absolutely.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 09 December 2020

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