The Importance of 2020: learning to trust the unknown and our personal power of creation – Part II


JT: A lot of people I’ve met who had the virus, I noticed something that scared them very much during the period of illness. They weren’t so scared of the physical symptoms like fever or cough. It’s what they noticed and that’s what really paralyzed them, is the fact that they felt completely cut off from Source energy.

MG: That is a perception, nobody is ever cut off. It’s just a matter of being able to see it and to feel it or not.

JT: So that was fear that was amplified?

MG: Absolutely.

JT: What about news or rumours that are being expressed about the creation of cyberunits through nanorobots, the creation of transhumanism, a future of transhumans. What can you say about that? My question is, is the human consciousness being hijacked by any chance?

MG: No, this won’t happen but the way we want to play out consciousness, the possibilities all change in the near future of how we use and manifest consciousness.

JT: So, 2020 as I said before, with all its mutable energy that it brought in, is also the year where a lot of people are facing their deepest fears. What is a person’s fear? What can you say about this?

MG: Every type of fear that exists can be brought down to being fear of the unknown. That’s the ultimate fear that underlies every other expression of fear. And because people don’t have a future anymore they can rely on, they can project themselves on, because everything is so unstable now, people have the chance to finally surrender and embrace the unknown. That is another big leap in the evolution of consciousness.

JT: About evolution of consciousness and fear, I have a fortune telling question for you. Are we to expect the collapse of society as we knew it?

MG: Absolutely.

JT: When I say society, I’m speaking about everything: businesses, schools, religions, habits.

MG: It has already been broken down; it doesn’t exist anymore. The outer narrative and people are still talking about it as if it were still real, but this is part of the past. But since we don’t have the future that people can understand and grasp yet, that’s the only known they have. So, they compare everything to that even if it doesn’t make sense. And that’s this transition, we are with one foot in the past and one foot in the future if you like. But again, people don’t need to worry about the future at all.

JT: Many people are choosing to leave the planet at this stage. What’s happening? They don’t want to deal with it or was it planned for them to leave and maybe assist from a different dimension?

MG: Of course, these reasons are there. It’s also if their contract changes or if they’ve learned everything they wanted to learn and hear a call from somewhere else, they might be called to that as well. That’s different for every person.

JT: How is it that most of us are having extremely vivid dreams?

MG: It’s a way for the brain to try to digest everything that’s happening. And because it is so much new information we are downloading, for most of us still subconsciously, dreams are an easy way to express that for the brain.

JT: That’s wonderful. I know that we discussed this the last times, that we are assisted by our guides, by higher dimensional non incarnated beings, by human beings. What about these entities that embody evil which have been called Archons for thousands of years. We know that the word Archon means ruler. What can you say about them? Have they been infiltrating for thousands of years in powerful positions?

MG: Yes, absolutely.

JT: What can you tell us about them?

MG: What you call evil has so many layers put on it that you like to think of evil as being the opposite of light, but that’s not that. It’s just light having forgotten that it is light. It’s nothing more than that. And the more an entity forgets its origin, the more darkness it experiences around itself and sees and feels and this is what you like to call evil, but in the end it’s just a lack of view or a wrong view if you like.

JT: This is a question regarding Archons from one of our readers, wondering if these Archons are responsible of this fracture that is happening on the planet.

MG: Yes.

JT: What do you sense here?

MG: We are just equally the Archons, they’re no different than us. This is creating a separation, trying to find a reason why, or something or somebody to blame. There is no fruitful conclusion from that. A perspective that might help people to see that differently is to try to understand that if Archons, or whatever name you want to call those entities, are capable of spreading so much fear and so much darkness, then imagine as well the suffering they are living because they are so far away from light.

JT: But through this darkness they have created wars, weapons of mass destruction, extreme unrest all around the planet and going back to my other question where people who want to serve the light, find themselves fighting these darker energies. Are we meant to fight?

MG: Absolutely not. This is just perpetuating the cycle again. Because if we fight, there is a winner and there is a loser.

JT: I see.

MG: And if we want to reach Unity Consciousness this concept doesn’t make sense.

JT: Thousands of years ago the planet had so many different civilizations, advanced civilizations and then things changed. Is there any risk that we will experience another Atlantis?

MG: From where we are moving on now, no.

JT: So, you see it more like a rebirth?

MG: Yes.

JT:  Are we maybe shifting residues from the period?

MG: Oh, as well.

JT: That’s beautiful, thank you. I personally do not have more questions but please share with us whatever you consider is important for us to know, anything that you consider we should tap into. Please go ahead and express yourself.

MG: Our message like always is a message of love, of helping humans see that separation is not a necessity. It’s just a level of frequency many people are still vibrating on that is being taken apart like layers that are not needed anymore.

And people don’t need to worry so much about what is going on outside. We know the human mind has a tendency to like to focus on that but it’s not necessary. Be in your heart space whenever you can, you feel the truth in your heart. And use that as a guidance, if everything else fails you. Connect with that more and more and you will connect more and more with your own wisdom and be able to embody that afterwards.

We say again you don’t need to worry about a single thing. It’s all part of your learning process. Be as courageous and as authentic towards yourself in trying to face your issues and your shadows. This will help you, not discussing and fighting about the outer narrative that is taking place now.

Love yourself, give yourself credit for everything you’ve been through. And if you can feel that compassion for yourself, if you feel your body fuelled up by it, share it with others, send them love and send them energy.

Communication doesn’t always need to be verbal. You will move into that direction very soon.

Energy is everything. And you will learn better and better how to work with your own energy and how powerful you really all are.

We love you all so much! (crying).

JT:  Thank you so much for this message that you just shared with us. We will cherish these words forever, thank you so much.


Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 9 December 2020

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