Welcome to Your Journey

of Self-Discovery 

Are you ready to activate, integrate, and embody your highest frequencies?

What drives you is an inner calling to understand yourself more deeply on multiple levels and the wish to become the highest possible version of yourself.

You have already invested quite some time in your spiritual development, but you also feel that there are some aspects of yourself that you would like to understand and be able to integrate and you aren’t quite sure what they are? You might sometimes feel that you are missing or not understanding some connections and you would like to have a clearer vision of who and what you are and be able to integrate that into your life?

When we work together, I become a mirror of your soul for you to be able to see yourself on a deeper level. I work with you intuitively to bring out aspects in you that wish to be integrated.

What to expect during a session:

We usually begin the session with a guided meditation that helps you to increase your frequency, connect to your higher heart, and open up to the wisdom of your Higher Self. During the meditation I simultaneously work on your energy field to help you increase your frequency even further, deepen your connection to your higher heart and stabilize your energy field in a higher dimensional field. 

After the meditation you can then ask any question that comes up for you, be it related to your spiritual development, to things currently coming up in your personal life or any other question that you feel is important to you right now, which will help you to integrate those high frequencies in your consciousness. 

The best advice I can give you is to be as open as possible to the process and as honest and compassionate to yourself during the sessions for your deepest transformation to take place.


When booking a journey with me

We will first have an initial free 30 min consultation to discuss and clarify what you would like to work on, to get a better overview on the key aspects and challenges of your life so far, to discuss which support modalities will fit you best during the current phase of your life and to find out if this journey of Self-Discovery is something for you.

Once you have decided to book a journey with me, you will have several options:

  • 3×1 hour sessions for 333 EUR
  • 6×1 hour sessions for 555 EUR
  • An ongoing mentorship programme for those of you who wish to go even deeper on your Journey of Self-Discovery

I also offer this service on an energetic exchange basis to a few selected individuals at a time, as I know that not everyone currently has the financial means to be able to invest in themselves. However, what I am inspired to ask in return, is for you to find at least one person you can help with your gifts and talents, whatever they may be. If you feel inclined, I would love for you to also share with me how you helped another person. If you agree, I would then publish that on my page for inspiration for others 💙

If this resonates with you, please send me an email at: bluelightchannelling@gmail.com or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

I look very much forward to supporting you to become the highest version of yourself.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

“Melanie has an incredibly calming, radiant presence and I instantly felt at ease with her. We begin our sessions with a short guided meditation and even though it’s by video call, it feels as if Melanie is in the room with me. I struggle with calming my mind to meditate but when I meditate with Melanie, not only do I immediately feel calm but also uplifted, content, at peace. Our conversation flows naturally, and I have the chance to ask her questions and explore topics I’d like to understand better. Melanie is a wonderful guide and I can only recommend her.”

Alexandra, Switzerland

“I would like to thank you for your perspicacious help. You always give very simple, cogent, concise and to the point explanations, which are very needed and helpful. Thank you for your warm compassion and deep love no matter where a person is at. You do not condescend or patronize, you are respectful, kind, considerate and loving. Thank you for all your help.”

Larry, British Columbia





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