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Increase the Love Frequency and help create a Civilization of Unity Consciousness on Earth

When the power of love is greater then the love of power, the world will know peace

Love increases the energetic frequency of the earth. Love is energy just like everything else is energy, there is no physical reality as such.

Energy is consciousness and by focusing one’s energy or consciousness on something, whatever is then receiving energy and thus creating it somewhere, where it finds the same frequency match. Consequently, the more people focus on what makes them feel love, the more energy of that frequency range is created and multiplied. Not to forget that this is equally applicable to whatever one is focused on.

However, the higher the frequency the stronger its impact. One can imagine an inverted pyramid with feelings such as hate, fear, anger, jealousy etc. at the bottom of the inverted pyramid and with such a narrow width that its impact is equally narrowed. Imagine as this pyramid widens the further up you go and at the top you have Love. Consequently, feelings of love have a much stronger impact on the collective energy on earth and this is the power we all have in us, every single one of us.

Earth could change so quickly if more and more people focus on love and not fear, anger, hate never mind how righteous their reasons may be. They still feed the lower part of the inverted pyramid. Imagine a world where love is possible, real love which in turn leads to respect of oneself and any being that is affected by our life. Imagine a world where people could really just accept each other for whoever they are and respect their way of being.

Love leads to genuine change and genuine change is what we need as a species.

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Melanie Gilbert is a channel, spiritual teacher and ascension guide who supports high frequency souls to activate, integrate, and embody their highest frequencies for a swift and peaceful transition to unity consciousness.

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This page is dedicated to sharing channelled information for the entire collective that is even more relevant in the current time of big changes for humanity.

The articles take the form of a Q&A interview where questions are answered by Melanie’s Higher Self or another aspect of her multidimensional being while she is in a deep state of relaxation and/or trance. 

My hope is that this information supports the increase of love frequency on earth. 

Melanie Gilbert

Spiritual teacher, Ascension guide


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