The Power of Love, the Great Shift, the Illusion of Separation, the Schumann Resonance


JT: So it’s been a long, long time ago, we have been lost for a long time. What is happening right now, on the planet, we’re talking about shifts, we’re talking about a great shift of the planet. We’re talking about transformation of the container of society as we have known it. Now my question is, when you are right there in there, how do you navigate between the physical reality with all its fears, all this baggage of fears and threats and insecurities and moving into the unknown and the non-physical body? How do you navigate between these two energies?

MG: I’m getting there are two differences. On the one hand, the frequency itself that is changing on the planet that will enable us to go back to before everything turned wrong.

JT: When you speak about the frequency of the planet, humans have baptized this as the Schumann resonance. Does it resonate with you?

MG: Yes

JT: Something happened the other day. The Schumann resonance, which has been very active flatlined for a day, if I’m not wrong. What happened here?

MG: Zero point gravity.

JT: Zero point gravity?

MG: If you like, it’s like a reset. You could compare it to harmonizing all the energies. And this is happening in the vacuum of it like the white room (please see previous post for more information on the white room:

JT: So it is happening. We’re in there right now. It’s like harmonization, expanding the earth energy. With this expansion, we’re hearing about the dismantling of the old. What can you tell us more about this? What is humanity to expect?

MG: It’s the illusion of the separation that is finally falling away again. And consciousness being able to recognize itself in physical form.

JT: You’re saying something very, very significant. Talking about the illusion of separation, which is so so relevant nowadays, as we have those who believe in the virus, those who believe in their leaders and who believe in them blindly and then you have those who are more connected to consciousness. But even they’re feeling separate, because they’re on one side of the field. Are you trying to tell us that this separateness does not exist?

MG: No, it never existed.

JT: So the moment this team is separating themselves from the others, they’re disconnecting themselves again and again, it’s like a revolving door, it’s like a vicious circle.

MG: And they’re creating more and more fragments on the way. And now we’re taking all these fragments and putting them back to where they belong, to unity, to source.

JT: I understand there are many who have chosen to incarnate right now to help in this period of the great shift on the planet. How can we help those who are still in separateness to see the whole picture?

MG: (crying) Show them all our love, love them as unconditionally as we can, all of them no matter what they did, who they are, how involved they are in anything that’s happening right now – really love every single one of them.

JT: So the power of love is the only power that really can shift whatever we need to shift right now.

MG: Love is the power that unites everything. We are going out of separation and in order to unite love is the way.

JT: Now this is a very powerful thing that you are stating here – love is the way. We are 7 billion people experiencing challenges, some much more than the others, intense, challenging periods, time is speeding up, there is civil unrest everywhere we look. There is an economic collapse, people are afraid. How can we share this message of love and unity with them? How can we use their language, their tools to approach their hearts?

MG: It’s really in every situation for us to pause and think: what would be the most loving thing we could do right now? And sometimes it’s just to look at a person with loving eyes and feeling love for them and they will feel it as well even if not consciously. Or when somebody drops something or falls down, to help them up, little things every day. To give people hope, to show them there is love here.

JT: I just had a flash, an image. I saw cities covered with posters, people wearing t shirts, inside buses and trains, posters, all of them saying one thing: what could be the most loving thing you would do right now?

MG: That is beautiful.

JT: I think that is a phrase that could shift everything. I think this is a powerful thing that will completely change the consciousness, even of those who are experiencing this unrest and internal challenges. We are talking about vaccines and people are becoming more and more nervous about this. We’re talking about AI control, about all these things on the physical level that are there to attack the physical human part of us. A question like this, what could be the most loving thing you would do right now, could have a great impact. Imagine having this message appearing many times a day on the screens of people’s computers, mobile phones, TVs, posters.

MG: I can feel the impact of that energy.

JT:  I can imagine that. What can we do with this phrase, do you think we should use it? We should share it?

MG: That would be beautiful to have people to take them into the now moment. And the more often they can reconnect with that, the easier it will come with time and when they are faced with adversity, a reminder like that can pull them out again of that frequency that they don’t get stuck in it.

JT: I would like you to help me see two different scenarios, two future scenarios. Two years into the future from this time from now. One is people are connecting more and more to this energy, and the consciousness is expanding. And the other one is what people are afraid of, needless to say, what they’re afraid of. Having these two scenarios, I would like you to go two years into the future and tell me what is going to play out.

MG: I’m seeing a scale in front of me and you could say that these are both parts of the process that is happening right now that is so crucial.  The fear part is now higher, if you like, but the other side, the loving energy is taking over more and more. So already, within two years time, I can see the difference of the extent of the frequency change.

JT: Okay. Before we reach those two years, what’s the sensation you get?

MG: I’m getting loving chaos. It’s like, I feel like both are hand in hand together, walking the path together, we need both ingredients right now even though we may have personal preferences. And by going together, walking down this path, this will lead to the transformation as well. It’s a very important aspect of it.

JT: I have a question that is coming from another person. The person is saying the she’s aware that many intelligent civilizations are present and assisting us today in this big change. How many more or less are they and are they all here with a positive agenda?

MG: The numbers are so great; I cannot get a number figure. But we have those stationed everywhere around the Earth, even in distant galaxies as well and we have the ones incarnated here on Earth at the same time.

JT: Are they incarnated in physical bodies?

MG: Some are and some are in light bodies, some come to visit us from time to time and leave again and some are with us in incarnation to hold that frequency in physical form.

JT: There’s another question about the near future. Coming back to fear, obviously, this is what the collective is experiencing right now. We understand that something is being born, it’s not there yet, we are in the process. And we understand that during this process, there is the possibility for personal growth. How can we help or assist those who refuse to tap into their own personal growth? The question was, are we leaving them behind?

MG: No, nothing is ever to be left behind. We are all one and that includes everything, absolutely everything. Even what some may think they hate the most, it includes that as well.

JT: I have another question from another person. This person has studied sacred scriptures, the New Testament, the Old Testament, the Quran and this person sent me a quote that says: “we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”. This is from Ephesians, 6.12. So the question is: there is a lot being said about dark forces ruling our world nowadays. What can you tell us about this?

MG: As soon as we wrestle against something, we are pausing that and creating separation in us. So yes, some have very personal intentions for making things happening right now but by opposing us to that, we are also creating separation in us.

JT: This is a very deep subject we are discussing here because a lot people are struggling and they deeply believe that they have to do something against what they call these other darker rulers. They have a name for it, the dark forces, the dark rulers; I’m going to avoid getting into names and details. Now a large group of people believes that they are here to change and they believe that they have to use force. What would you tell them about this? It’s a very difficult situation because they feel like everybody does, they need to fight against these dark forces.

MG: That is already the beginning of the problem. To try to fight something, to expose misconduct, to explain what is happening if one is understanding it, yes. But to fight against it, what you fight against, you become in the end. This is the separation that is created in you if you do that.

JT: Thank you, that makes sense of course. I have a last question, a very important question about dragon energy that we are feeling more and more around us. Dragon energy is very much present. Can you tell us more about what dragon energy is for people who have no idea about it? And my second question is, why are some people connecting to them and what is the meaning?

MG: Dragons were here from the beginning as well and they are coming back now because the energy is right for them. We are all coming up to their frequency again and for them that’s an invitation to become active again. They’ve always been there, they never left.

JT: What are their intentions?

MG: To support us in our ascension process and teach us.

JT: What do they expect from the people who connect with them, who see them? I see more and more people who have no idea about dragon energy but they see them, they sense them, they dream of them.

MG: At that level of frequency there is no expectation. They feel our call and when we are open to that, they feel invited. And when they feel we are ready to work with their frequency, they start working with us. They are really here to support us.

JT: Thank you very much. I have one last question or more a request to you. In these challenging times what would you tell humanity? A message to humanity if you want.

MG: You are beautiful, all of you, every single one included and we love you all, just like you are capable of loving yourself and everyone else and you will soon come to the point where you all realize that.

JT: Thank you so much, I appreciate all the messages and answers we have received today and I thank you all for assisting us in this message. I thank the guides, the higher consciousness of Melanie Gilbert, the higher dimensions, the blue realms and blue light, all the light families who are assisting us. We thank you and we greet you. Good-bye and until the next time.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 8 September 2020

Gratitude to CCO public domain for the picture 🙏


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