Understanding the current changes from a different perspective


T: The questions I have ready for you today are about the undergoing global situation we are in today. I imagine the reason is the metaphysical undertone to this experience for all the living beings on our planet. In other words, what we see on a third dimensional level is just an externalization of something much deeper. What can you tell us about the metaphysical deep part of what we’re experiencing as human beings here on the planet?

MG: The frequencies are being lifted and the space for lower frequencies is getting tighter and tighter. They need to come up because they cannot go with us, they need to be cleared. And this is what is happening on the global level now.

JT: So if I understand well, we’re shifting into another comprehension of reality?

MG: Oh, yes (smiling)

JT: Does this mean another dimension collectively, we are just shifting to another reality?

MG: Yes, but it’s not so much another dimension or another reality, it’s a higher form of what is already.

JT: A higher form of what is. How can people adjust to this higher form of frequency? I’m asking these questions because I see around me a lot of fear, a lot of confusion, irritation. How can people, the collective, adjust to this change?

MG: It’s easy to say it from this perspective, but it’s to let go of any conception of reality they now have because these concepts are getting obsolete. People can notice it in moments when they’re really present – how connected they are and how uplifted they feel. And as soon as they start thinking and worrying about the current situation, how the energy changes, how they feel differently, and this can help people to notice the difference.

JT: Many people are showing symptoms like dizziness, shakiness, buzzing in the ears, extreme sensitivity to what they eat, sensitivity to electromagnetic waves, vivid dreams. Are these symptoms part of this change?

MG: Absolutely, it’s part of the evolution that is taking place now. And we are in an accelerated mode of it. And this is how people notice these changes, it’s how their body reacts to it. It’s like they’re taking in more and more and more light.

JT: I see. So if the world is experiencing this monumental shift that is shaking us to the core, what are the main things we need to focus on during these changing times?

MG: Focus on our heart, focus on what makes us happy and think about others in that context as well, that we and others are exactly the same and to really behave towards other people the way we want to be treated as well. And if it’s getting too much for people, to really take their time to rest, to recuperate, and to disengage from the outer chaos that is taking place now, for them not to get sucked into it too much.

JT: I agree this is an utter 3D chaos that we’re experiencing, that people globally are experiencing. I noticed and we all noticed that there is instant manifestations happening, we’re experiencing instant manifestations of everything, every kind of thought, wish, belief, and fears. What I have noticed is, the more we feed the fear, and instability, the more we get that.

MG: Absolutely, and that goes with everything, anything we focus on. People actually can use that, to notice their own power now.

JT: Noticing their own power now.  Listening to what you’re saying feels very clear – for people to notice their own power now. What can you tell those people who do not realize that they have this power, and they still keep chasing the past reality that I believe does not exist anymore?

MG: No, it doesn’t.

JT: They have a hard time navigating through these changes, there is resistance, there is fear, a lot of fear, people are losing it. How can a simple individual who is hearing, or reading or listening to something and the contrary of the same thing, know what is right and what is wrong?

MG: When they’re connected to themselves in the now moment they can feel it. And the more they listen to their feelings, the more they empower themselves.

JT: Empower. How can they dismantle the collective belief of disempowerment? Because you’re trying to say that they have the power within them all the way?

MG: Yes.

JT: What happened? What is the root of all human suffering?

MG: Separation.

JT: Separation.

MG: And identifying with that separation.

JT: Separation from source?

MG: Yes and ultimately from themselves because we are all source, we are all different manifestations of source energy.

JT: So we are all gods.

MG: Absolutely.

JT: When did we forget that?

MG: For humans, it was a step by step approach. It’s what we discussed last time in our last session. (Please use this link to access the post from that session: https://blue-light-channelling.com/the-experiment-of-physical-ascension-source-potential-the-beginning-of-physical-creation-on-earth-the-first-split/)

JT: Yes. It took a long time to separate.

MG: Yes.

JT: Okay. What can you tell us about our friends the animals, our pets, or sea animals? What are they going through during these planetary changes? What are they experiencing?

MG: They are evolving just like we are but because they are not so involved with the mind, they can follow the flow much easier. You need to understand that everything is prepared. Everything is happening in its due course. It’s just while we are resisting and thinking that things are wrong, that we make them wrong. But everything, really every single situation on Earth, even if it’s so difficult for the human mind to understand, everything is just perfect.

JT: Are you trying to say we’re exactly where we are meant to be?

MG: Absolutely.

JT: So we just need to surrender.

MG: Yes.

JT: This was going to be my next question. I know I always receive the message “surrender”. It keeps saying surrender. How can the collective trust the unknown, and just surrender and embrace? Let’s say embrace the death of the old world and allow the birth of a new one?

MG: That’s the ultimate leap of faith everybody will need to make because the mind cannot see it, cannot comprehend it. But when people with every cell in themselves are able to surrender, they automatically wake up in a higher frequency and realize that.

JT: Since this whole shift started, can you tell me about the percentage of human or living beings that have surrendered completely?

MG: Many people have done it even if only instantly, but that is waking up the seed in them to be able to do it more and more often. Because it’s not surrendering one time that will finish the process. It’s surrendering in every new now moment.

JT: In every now moment, very interesting.

MG:  It’s really to let go of anything we believe should happen, of what happened or think about all possible theories, why things are happening. These are putting layers on top of each other that makes it more complicated for people to see what’s really happening. If they keep it as simple as possible, and try to feel inside then it’s going to be much easier for them.

JT: I see. We’re living in intense times and from an astrological perspective the intensity of these times will now go all the way to December 2020 solstice. What are we to expect during this process?

MG: It’s a new change in frequency we have been prepared for the whole time now, these last couple of years and this represents the moment where we completely shift into this new frequency where we will then be able to stabilize it more and to understand it better.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈

Channelled on 21 October 2020

Gratitude to unknown photo artist 🙏



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