The evolution of human consciousness: energy shifts, shedding layers, frequency jumps – Part I


JT: The questions I have prepared for today are about the individual’s experience in these monumental times of energy shifts. The human state of consciousness as we know it is evolving and it is shaking us, each one of us individually to our core. I have noticed that from our third dimensional state of consciousness, we are now tapping into the fourth and fifth dimensions, but only for a short time. I have the impression, from my observations, that we’re going back and forth between different dimensional fields. This process is exhausting, it’s confusing, and it’s making people more and more vulnerable. How can the individual deal with this process?

MG: It’s what we have said in the past, it’s to let go of any concept. I’m feeling my whole body vibrating now and it’s like, the frequencies are increasing and increasing, the intensity of the vibration is increasing and increasing. And from these intense vibrations, all these layers are falling off, the layers that we don’t need any more, the layers that were added artificially. It’s all falling away and there’s not really anything we can do about it. We can just go with it or not.

JT: So, when we are experiencing these jumps in frequency or in reality, let’s say going from 3D to 4D to 5D, feeling euphoric, feeling that we were almost there and then jumping backwards into 3D. It takes a lot of work and as you said, I’m seeing that a lot of layers are falling. People are dealing with a lot of karmic issues, releasing karma from past lives, releasing old traumas from this life or other lives. I can see it in my personal life and in my profession as a regression therapist. It is very complicated for the individual to understand that they need to let go. A lot of people are having psychological issues related to this process of letting go, not being able to understand that this is the karma that they’re releasing. What can you tell us about how to dissolve karma and what are the consequences of such important work?

MG: I’m getting the image of an eagle, flying in the sky, and observing everything from above. That is what can help people to navigate through that more easily. The mind is really not helpful here. We try to understand it from the mind, but this is leading nowhere now.

Everything is spinning faster and faster and if we’re able to take the position of the eagle, then we can observe things from a higher perspective and create some space between what we are living, thinking, and feeling, to give us more space to move through that. Because otherwise, the space can get very tight and this is creating a lot of psychological and physical problems in people.

JT: So, in other words, it’s the identification with the trauma, with the problem, with the issue that is keeping us in the issue itself.

MG: Absolutely. We may be thinking that this is the whole, but it’s just one layer, it’s just one aspect. We are made up of so many different aspects and not to forget that if something uncomfortable comes up, to leave it as it is, to send it love as well, but not to attach to it and not to think that we are that. We are not that, it’s just an aspect of us. So, this is another chance to love ourselves unconditionally.

JT: They say sunrise is the promise of new beginnings, rebirth, that every day brings new opportunities to us, each one of us individually. Yet we are more and more surrounded by people experiencing fear, confusion, terror. And with this, we are experiencing a growing division, a separateness that humanity has never experienced before. What can you tell us about this separation, this big gap that is being created not only as a collective, but even in our immediate reality, between spouses, families, siblings, friends? What can you tell us about this energy that seems to divide us on all levels today?

MG: This energy that is dividing us is the spinning of the energy, the letting go of the old parts of us that cannot come with us. And the outward division that we see, is the difference between people holding on to the past, to their old conditioning, not letting go, and people who are able to move into the new era, into new frequencies, who are open to that.

JT: What can you tell us about these people who are able to let go and who are effortlessly going into that new frequency, the next level of consciousness? Are they meant to assist the others who are turning and curling in their old system, in their old belief system, in their fears?

MG: We all have our free will. We are not meant to do anything as such. What this is all about is the change of consciousness of an entire civilization. And the thing that is helping us most is if we work on our own issues and raise our own frequencies. People are affected by that any way.

And yes, we can assist people, but the focus, if we make our main aim to assist other people, is outwards again. And what is helping the most at the moment is to keep our focus inwards. It’s maybe not so much assisting people but sharing from our own experience.

JT: I am struggling a little bit with this, as is whoever is doing this kind of work. We want to assist people in showing them that they have self-responsibility, they can empower themselves through choice and free will, feel connected, empowered, and plugged back to Source Energy. And this becomes a little bit frustrating for all those who do energy work or are assisting the collective in this process of awakening. What can you tell people like us? How can we deal with it?

MG: The main layer to work with here is expectations, expectations that others should follow our path. Everyone’s path can be different, and we will all come to the same place eventually. But how we want to travel that journey that depends on our free will. And our free will is dependent on the choices we are making. And the choices that we are making are dependent on our level of consciousness, if we can make them consciously and empower ourselves and see what brings us the outcomes we want to see in the world, or if we fall into the victim position.

JT: Thank you, that’s very clear. During this ascension, this amazing ascension process that we are experiencing, we’re sensing a lot of high frequencies, more light, and the impression that everything is going very, very quickly. What can you tell a person who is afraid of the future and needs anchoring, or something to hold on to?

MG: That’s again the possibility of letting go completely. There is nothing to hold on to and that is also creating false hope and false expectations in people, if we tell people to project themselves into an unknown future for example.

What we can tell you from here is that everything is being taken care of, but people still need to walk their own path. We would love to give you more information, but this is again, taking away the learning aspect for people, this is taking away from them a valuable lesson for their own self -growth. So, to come back to your question, there is nothing to hold on to because we are already everything. It’s really a question of remembering that.

JT: I would like to go back to the question of false hopes and false expectations. If you want, this has been the main issue for all those who are now struggling with mental challenges, because their expectations are not being met, promises are not being respected. So, we’re coming back to this understanding that the only way to move forward is to let go.

MG: That is what all of this is about – letting go of all these last layers.

Much love to you 💙🙏 🌈


Channelled on 15 April 2021

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